The factory working conditions were extremely harmful to the health of the workers.

The conditions were just terrible; the workers were expected to work long hours without breaks and very “low pay”. They basically could not do anything except work, no matter the weather being “hot” or “cold” they were still expected to work. The workers only received a break for lunch and dinner, but they worked twelve hour shifts.

“Injuries” were so common in the factories, and the workers either died, including children, or lost their jobs. Overtime, the conditions got even worse; which eventually led to The Labor Movement. Owners of the factories were able to continue with these conditions, because they were making fortunes. The owners of factories only paid workers little and kept the big money for themselves. The conditions did not matter to the owner, because they were actually making money. Therefore, the workers had to protest against the factories in order to get equal paying rights.

(Openstax American History, Chapter 9, pg.243)The Panic of 1819 was the result of “economic crisis” in the United States after the War of 1812. Everyone in the United States was affected, because they all needed or wanted money to buy more land. The Europeans began to need more agricultural products from the Americans,  therefore the supply grew small and the prices went up.

Agriculture began to fail, which created unemployment for people working or living on farms. This also created “land fever” among the Americans, but in order to purchase the land they needed money. Therefore, the people went to bank to take out a loan in order to buy the land. The “Second Bank of America” was mostly responsible, because they should not have extended as much credit as they did. The United States suffered badly, because of all the unnecessary and mismanagement of money.

This financial crisis eventually went away, but it left many Americans with trust issues dealing with banks and money. (Openstax American History, Chapter 9, pg.243)


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