Key Points: Following the events of Hurricane Harvey, manyTB patients ended up being displaced as a result.

The state of Texas uses bothstate and federal funds to not only prevent TB from spreading but monitoring existingpatients and cases. Throughout their treatment, direct observation of patientsis heavily used to keep patients accountable for their treatment to ensureproper medication. This includes devices with video capability to reach thosepatients who do not have the option of being in direct contact with a healthcare provider. However, while many of these patients were displaced through thehurricane, the availability to keep these patients under direct observation fortaking medications was temporarily compromised.

The state’s TB program veryquickly got into contact with all the departments to find out where and how theTB patients were doing. In a broader sense, natural disasters like Harvey haveled to the increased planning and development of emergency preparedness toensure adequate patient care under these circumstances. 


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