2.         Compare among five different disk volume types supported in Windows Server 2012Volume Types We can have the accompanying volume composes in Windows Server 2012: ·      Simple  ·      Spanned ·      Striped ·      Mirrored ·      Raid Simple Volume An elementary volume lets a client to widen or break into shares at any assumed time. Likewise, the expansion tract will be exposed as another piece under a alike resolve communication. At the view when a client stretches out the current volume to extra circle, it will suffer by dispersion over the firm platter. That is the aim it named as a “traversed volume”.

Spanned Volume This volume will permit a customer to widen DATA’s from 1 – 32 plates. Be that as it may, these a traversed volume can’t be reproduced and isn’t responsibility accepting. Hitting away DATA’s will happen from the plate 1. At the opinion when the plate 1 is filled, PC instigates stroking away DATA’s to round 2 and then it goes, in spite of the fact that the tract is combined. Striped Volume This volume can similarly have 1-32 plates. In any circumstance, customers can’t cross or widen volumes unless it strip seats likewise from all plates. This volume has a module where it can read/comprise DATA’s with choice. A barred volume can’t be reproduced or prolonged and isn’t blame accepting.

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This volume is then called RAID-0. Reflected Volume This volume which just help 2 circles. It apportion spaces likewise from both hard circles however proves the space just for one plate. This energy stores DATA’s as reflected meanwhile one DATA will be place in the two circles. In the occasion that one of the circles falls flat, the info can in any case be gotten to from the break of the plate. A reflected volume can’t be widened.

Reflecting is then called RAID-1. Mirrored VolumeThis volume is a blame tolerant volume whose information is striped over a variety of at least three circles. Which implies it underpins from 3 – 32 plates. It gets same size in assignment from every plate which is like a striped volume. In RAID 5, framework will pick one plate for blame tolerant reason by giving the other two.

 RAID5-volumeThe framework volume contains the equipment particular records that are expected to stack Windows (for instance, Ntldr, Boot.ini, and Ntdetect.com). The framework volume can be, yet does not need to be, the same as the boot volume. 


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