2.5.1. Customer preferenceThisrefers to the subjective customer’s attitude and/or perception of a product ora service that makes customer choose it over other competing offers (Ghose etal., 2013).

It enables a client rank products and/or services in terms of thelevel to which they satisfy his/her wants thus leading to either an acceptanceor decline of the product offering (Ghose et al., 2013). In essence the clientprefers one product over another based on the anticipation that the choice willresult in greater satisfaction, capability and/or improved performance. 2.5.

2. Technology accessInthe construction context; this refers to ease and affordability of proceduresand techniques utilized during construction (Shnell, 2014). Generally, there isthe conventional/traditional construction technology that entails use of brickand mortar and also there is ACM which range from prefabricated building, fibercement and galvanized steel construction to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panel. Differentconstruction methods/techniques have their pros and cons that overall influencechoice of use (Shnell, 2014). 2.5.3. Affordability of Construction Technology Thisalso reflects the capital/resource availability to enable construction.

It focuseson the lack of resources and /or insufficient funds that influence ability tostart and complete a construction project. Capital is a major factor in the overallcost of construction and it’s the core primary concern for the key stakeholders in the industry (Arief et al., 2002). Making houses affordable entails loweringthe cost of construction. ACM dues to its cost saving nature aims to empowersthe less resourceful persons to be able to have affordable decent housing.

2.5.4. Competence      Competenceby definition refers to technical skill set/knowhow to carry put a task usuallyof a technical nature. The simplicity and/or complexity of a methods playsmajor role in determining the competency level of technology needed.

A simple constructiontechnique and skill can be transferred with ease and within a short time thus agreater number of people benefit from affordable housing quickly andentrepreneurs are skilled at the same time


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