1a. Briefly discuss the following four steps in the writing process:PrewritingPrewriting, the brainstorming process, is a very important step that often goes overlooked by the overly confident students. It is designed to provide a structure and a framework so that thoughts are well-connected, not just help you come up with things to write about.

This step generates lots of ideas, observations and details, also it creates a backbone for your essay.DraftingAfter the pre-writing activities are complete, we are ready to compose a draft of the essay in complete sentences. Drafting is putting thoughts down on paper.At this point we should not be concerned with grammar and spell checks. This is the first version of a complete paper or essay.RevisingNothing can substitute a good revision of one’s paper.By reviewing, weak points that otherwise would be missed can be improved, modified, or deleted.This step is about reading and rereading, making sure that the sentences flow smoothly one from another.

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Now is the time to rethink content and organization, also run a spell check or a grammar check.  EditingThis step is where the final paper is being written, making sure to correct any and all errors.Editing ensures that your essay is polished, well written, and presented correctly.1b.

 Why are these steps important in writing an essay?These steps in the writing process have a very specific purpose, therefore is important to follow a structured process of writing through all our writing projects. It is difficult to relay information or ideas if your writing is not clear and concise. We all have our own style of writing, our own thoughts and ideas that need to be organized in a way to make ourselves understood by the audience.By taking time to follow these steps we can improve our writing and have a detailed and organized paper, of academic value, that will bring us the recognition we deserve.               


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