People go through life changing experiences every day. I have had a lot of experiences throughout my life. Some changed me for the better and some changed me for the worst. It’s true what people say “You got to take the good with the bad”, and “You win some, you lose some. ” This particular experience changed me for the better.

It not only changed me for the better, it changed me as a person. I learned to trust people, love people, and most of all how to care about another person.I would have to say that trusting people has been the hardest thing for me to do in my life. I have seen way too many people get hurt by trusting the wrong person without getting to know them like they should. By getting to know a person you can decide whether to trust them or not. Loving people like they should be loved was also very hard for me to do. You can’t just love anybody and that’s a fact. Love takes time and has to build itself up.

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When you learn to love it can be the greatest feeling in the world. Since hearing Derrick tell me he loved me, I could tell I had changed. Now instead of blocking everybody out, I started letting people in and putting my guard down. I would tell my mom “I love you and I appreciate everything you do for me” on a daily basis. Showing my feelings helped me express who I was as a person. I decided to volunteer at a homeless shelter to show how much I care about other people. On my first day there I was nervous.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking into that brown run down building. A group of helpless people turned to look my way as I walked in, I smiled. While I was there I had to serve people food.

It reminded me of a elementary school lunch line the way it was set up and by the trays they were using. By the time I left there I felt like a better person and decided to volunteer once a month. The person I was before my life changing experience would have never volunteered at a homeless shelter.


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