Whilstit would be unwise to draw too much conclusion from these figures and reports,it does indirectly suggest that the system appeared to be relatively againstcomplainants. Moreover, complainants were mainly identified as women, and thejustifications given for them making false accusations were due to neurosis,jealousy, fantasy, spite or a girl’s refusal to admit that she consented to anact which she is now ashamed.

In more recent times, the corroborationrequirements and the implied assertion that women tended to fabricateallegations of sexual offences have been seen as something of an insult towomen. Women right’s advocates have described this belief as ‘an unholy relicof the bygone days when it could be intellectually respectable to argue thatwomen were less objective, accurate or honest witnesses than men.’ Particularly,in cases where the victim and the perpetrator either knew each other before thetime of the offence or spent some time in each other’s company before itscommission, either as acquaintances or intimates. 

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