The creative strategy thatwe are proposing will aim and focus on using several aspects while staying trueto the essence of F1. When it comes down to marketing our tactics will comprise of advertising, direct marketing, micromarketing, referral marketing and digital marketing. Delving deeper intoexplaining some marketing tactic we will be using- advertising is any waged form of publicityor promotion and non-personal representation, an example that we would be usingis TV channels such as ITV to promote F1’s Grand Prix or placing ads on busshelters, this is known as bought media.

Direct marketing is directcommunication by the organization with individual consumers that have beencarefully targeted to attain an immediate response and to encouragelong-lasting customer relationship. Thus, it is a channel for distribution andpromotion without the use of an intercessor this could be done through socialmedia (i.e. Facebook), mail, e-mail, the internet and the telephone to name afew (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006, p.427; Needle,2004, p.487) Micromarketing is a procedure ofthe modification of marketing program and products to match the tastes ofspecific individuals.

It is seeing the individual in every customer and not theother way around (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006, p.212). When using micromarketing we will be focusing all our energies on interesting and targetingmillennials to take part and be part of the F1 community, since they are thefuture of F1.


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