TheMirror Hell is easily the mostaccomplished and confident of the films in the anthology which is no surpriseconsidering it was helmed by Akio Jissoj. Sticking to a fairly regular storyand narrative structure Mirror Hellis essentially a battle of wills between a Narcissistic mirror maker and thecool calculating detective Kogoro Akechi. Detective Akechi is something of acommon character throughout the Rampo writings and in Mirror Hell he is played with near shell shocked grace. Assigned tofind the cause of a number of connected deaths Akechi never appearsparticularly interested in the case until mythical and mystical aspects areuneartherd. His detached demeanour moving to childlike enthusiasm and almostempathy with a character who should by all rights be his nemesis. Mirror Hell is a fantastic looking filmbut is essentially empty in terms of plotline.

There is a story but it lacks asignificant beginning and then seems to roll along at its own place until thefinish. It is a series of set pieces held together by the lightest narrativestrands.

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