‘13,272 children have reportedly been raped inMalaysia between 2010 to May 2017, and 2,089 children were rapped in Johor. Intotal, 22,134 children were sexually abused from 2010 until May 2017 and mostof the victims were girls.’ Said Women, Family, and Community DevelopmentMinister Rohani Abdul Karim.

            Rapecases growth rapidly in Malaysia, there will be one to two rape cases occur inalmost every month.             30August 2017, a pregnant 19 year old girl and her sister 14 year old raped byher father, uncle, and grandfather repeatedly in Sarawak. This unbelievable caseunexpectedly occurred in Malaysia and people were shocked. Image for illustration purposesonly. Source: NST & InformaFor their inhumanity act, they tried in court andsentenced to 335 years in jail. According to thestate Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah,the 19 year old teenage is at a rehabilitation centre for young unwed mothersin Taman Seri Putra, Telaga Air. Meanwhile, her sister was sent to a children’shome.Therefore, 8 September 2017, a 36 yearold Malay man sexually abused and sodomising her daughter over 600 times andbecame a habit.

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He also sodomising her at a hotel room in Mecca, they wereperforming the Umrah pilgrimage. The Star reported he pleaded guilty to623 charges of sexually abusing and sodomising his daughter. Aimi Syazwani, adeputy public prosecutor said he faces a prison sentence of over 12,000 years. Malaysiakini reported, the man wascharged with 30 counts of committing physical sexual assault against hisdaughter between July 11 and July 20 in 2017 and charged under Section 14 and16 of the Sexual Offences against Children Act, the man can face up to 20 yearsin jail and whipping.

Furthermore, he was also charged under Section 31(1)(a)and 31(1)(b) under the Child Act for sexual abuse committed against hisdaughter between January 1 to July 20 2017, which carries a maximum jailsentence of 20 years or a fine, or both. The man was also charged with rapingthe victim under Section 376A of the Penal Code on July 21. He can face amaximum 30-year jail sentence and whipping if found guilty. The 150 sodomycharges under Section 377C of the Penal Code read as saw him purportedlysodomising his daughter between January and March this year.

Sexual abuse cases didn’t stop occurringin Malaysia. 22 January 2018, a caretaker of a welfare home in Ampang Jaya whogot arrested and is believed to have sexually abused underprivileged and orphangirls. This 55 year old man suspected of taking nude photos and molesting girlswhich aged between 10 and 12, while they were changing clothes or taking bath.

Both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur police investigate him under Section 14 of theSexual Offences against Children Act. This suspect is currently under remandfor seven days to facilitate investigations.To avoid these kind of inhumanity casesin Malaysia, Najib said the government planned to establish a special court tohear child sexual crime cases. The Prime Minister said the Special CriminalCourt would be different from the existing Children’s Court which only handledcases where the criminal offenders were children. He said it was hoped that theChild Sexual Offences Bill 2017 would receive the support of all MPs because itwas the responsibility of all parties regardless of political affiliation.

These cases are just only the tip of theiceberg, there are still a tons of rape cases/ sexual abuse cases haven’t beenreport or mentioned.If you think you are in the samesituation as these victims please do not hesitate to call the nearest policestation and the Talian Kasih 15999 hotline to seek for help. If people aroundyou or children come to you for help please do not be afraid to lend your handto them.

You might can save a children life and future.


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