So why are sweatshops common around the world? To begin with, sweatshops
are a result of the worldwide economy thus called “free” trade.
Organizations increment benefits by driving down costs any way imaginable, so
they set up minimal effort plants. To limit costs, organizations search for
places with the most reduced wages and human rights securities. Sweatshops can
be discovered all finished Central and South America, Asia, and certain
districts of Europe. Free trade agreements promise more market access to all
nations required by bringing down or dispensing with exchange hindrances, for
example, duties or taxes. Along these lines, the goods and services are sold or
exchanged between the nations. Sadly, these exchange assertions incorporate
exceptionally powerless social conditions – provisions that set labor, social,
and environmental standards- which do not sufficiently address laborer
assurances or environmental apprehensions.


Globalization has given an escalation to a different, more composite practice
of subcontract, in which firms in industrialized and developed countries pursue
producers in developing countries that can deliver the uppermost quality
product at the low-priced cost. Multinational material firms have moved toward
becoming, fundamentally, advertising and configuration organizations that
depend on remote subcontractors for their creation needs, a framework that
antagonizes companies from the generation procedure. The development of “manufacturers
without industrial facilities,” stranded in the guideline of lower manufacture
costs and higher profits, has moved accountability regarding working
environment wellbeing and security from the firm to the subcontractor, deserting
a great extent unregulated framework with motivators for work exploitation. In
many cases authorities, who are not workers of the parent company and have no
responsibility for labor practices, mastermind subcontracting for clothing
firms, enabling firms to deliver their products in processing plants they have
never at any point seen. Since most multinationals dominating the area of their
subcontractors, the subcontractor is typically confined to the corporate main
concern with a specific end goal to remain in business, leaving laborers as the
work slave.

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