Heijunka (Leveling) ‘is aimed at producing the quantity taken by oneperson from the one that precedes it. The production process are arranged tofacilitate production of the required quantity at the required time, andworkers, equipment, and all other factors are organised toward that end thustiming and volume are critical’ (Shingeo shingo page 123) keeping stock low and in continuousreserve is maintained by building to customer demand while standardised workencourages a consistent supply of material. Toyota could allow clienteles to beable to tailor their home for example choosing a house with differentlyarranged modules to suit their site along with a range of options such ascolours, material and interiors but at the expense of it being the standardisedmodel. The principle is not new for Toyota already offer options in theirautomobile service through the choice of colour or the material the seat insidea car is made of.

An excellent example on a smaller scale is Nike. Theirinteractive website allows to choose a trainer with an established structurealthough the material and the parts that make the trainer can be customised.Shoppers can ‘design’ their unique trainers for a small fee.


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