(Bighnaraj kar et al 2016) two A area test was conducted at some stage in Rabi 2013-14 to find out about the response of extraordinary ranges of potassium vitamin along with foliar software of plant growth regulators (PGRs) and their interplay impact on plant growth attributes, dry fruit yield, seed yield in chilli cv. Utkal Ava at Central Research Station, OUAT, Bhubaneswar. The test used to be laid out two in cut up plot design with remedy combos of three levels of potassium i.e.

90, 105 and one hundred twenty kg/ha in major plots and PGRs such as NAA (40ppm), GA3 (50 ppm), Planofix (400 ppm), 2,4-D (5 ppm) and manipulate (water spray) in sub plots. The boom regulators had been sprayed at 30 and forty five days after transplanting. It used to be revealed from the find out about that all the boom regulators except 2,4-D alongside with potassium nutrition resulted in enchancment of plant increase attributes like plant peak and variety of branches. The interplay effect of exceptional stages of potassium with a number increase regulators was found to be non-significant with admire to plant height.

Significantly best quantity of fruits per plant was once obtained with one hundred twenty kg K2O/ ha alongside with spraying of 50 ppm GA3 followed through 40 ppm NAA. The absolute best fruit yield of 31.99 Q/ha and seed yield of 11.04 Q/ha have been got with application of one hundred twenty kg K2O/ha alongside with spraying of 40 ppm NAA. There used to be an increase of 25% and 15% in fruit yield with application of NAA 40ppm and GA3 50ppm respectively as in contrast to control.

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