10 people with super powers who can only dreamWith all the DC and Marvel movies, we quickly admire the strength, agility and other great things of the superheroes that make them superhuman. But what about people who do not appear in the movies but still have amazing powers?We found 10 incredible people not far from being superheroes. You already have the power to support it!Liew Thow Lin – magnet for men© Bild.MenschenSeveral people in history have been known to have strange magnetic abilities, but the best known is Liew Thow Lin. This Chinese can attach any metal object to his body. Scientists from the Malaysian University of Technology have found that their skin rubs very hard, causing a “suction effect”.Daniel Browning Smith – The Rubber Boy© 4.bp.

blogspotA contortionist, actor, television presenter, comedian, sports presenter and doubles specialist, Guinness World Records is the most flexible person in the world and knows his name very well. His superpower has developed through a condition called Ehlers-Danlos hypermobile syndrome, which is a genetic mutation. It can also cause severe pain, but luckily Daniel has only a slight fall.Shi Liliang – Water Corridor© gloriouspersonvoid / tumblrA walk on the water is no wonder for Shi Liliang. This Shaolin monk walked 125 meters above the water surface and set a new world record in 2015. Like his 90s kung fu movies, right?Hai Ngoc – Never sleepsThere is no coffee for this guy, he has been awake for 43 years. Mr. Ngoc, a Vietnamese, was born in 1942 and suffers from a severe sleep disorder.

But even without sleep, I was still in good shape and worked every day (hard work).Stephen Wiltshire – A perfect visual reminderStephen Wiltshire is a British architect famous around the world for his phenomenal memory: he can recreate any landscape after looking at it only for a moment. When he was young, Stephen was diagnosed with Savant syndrome and he stopped what we call a “visual memory genius.”Rathakrishnan Hairy: The strongest teeth in the worldSave from weirdlife.com Weird Strange FactsAnother Guinness world record belongs to this Indian man. He pulled a train (260.8 tons) with his teeth at a distance of 4.

2 meters (13 feet 9 inches). And if you think it is not so far, contact your dentist. Let’s see what they say!Wim Hof ??- It’s not cold© wimhofmethodEternal winter has nothing to do with this man, it’s neither cold nor hot. He is the author of the Wim-Hof method, which is based on mental and physical preparation and training to withstand wild temperatures. And now he even started to go with groups of his disciples. He seems to be a very spiritual and harmonized person.Ben Underwood – Batman© Beninger ForestThis real Batman is born with a bilateral retinoblastoma, a type of cancer, in both eyes. When he was a little kid, he soon lost his ability to see.

Then his mother noticed that he started making “clicks”. “I played video games, cycled, skated, climbed trees and did everything I did, as if I had never lost my sight,” says his mother. He used the echo of the click to navigate in the dark (like bats in caves) with a kind of echolocation.Michel Lotito – Monsieur Tout FoodSave from gotgist.comGot GistEntertainmentThis French artist can eat anything, including rubber, metal and glass. He is best known for his time eating a plane. If this guy meets a supervillain, he just eats him!Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer© Kevin Richardson / WikipediaThis behaviorist and guardian of South African animals has worked extensively with African animals. He is best known for his close relationship and his courageous handling of wildlife.

You can see it in pictures that cuddle lions, tigers and hyenas comfortably.Do you know a superman among us? Be sure to share your names with us!Credit Photo Overview gloriouspersonvoid / tumblr


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