10.  Further Encourages Transparency International to cooperatewith Member States to monitor, inspect and report corruption within thegovernments and law enforcement forces specifically focusing on small arms andlight weapons manufacturing, brokering and trade, in order to ensure theprevention of any illicit activities. 9.     Further calls upon all Member States to cooperate at a regional andsub-regional level, and using international agencies such as Interpol, takingfully into account the specific conditions predominant in the region or sub-region,with a view to improving and coordinating international efforts aimed atincreased openness and transparency in arms; 8.      Requests UNSALWDA to organize anannual international conference, starting from 2025, to be attended by anyrelevant member nations, NGOs and UNOs in order to facilitate discussion of theillicit trade in small arms and light weapons, to enable feedback and analysisof current situation; b.      divert asignificant amount of their national funds to tackling the illicit trade insmall arms and light weapons in their country; a.

      increasetheir financial contributions to UNSALWDA and the various initiatives in thisresolution, with the economic incentive decided in proportion to the donationreceived;7.      Asks the World Bank and InternationalMonetary Fund to provide economic incentives, such as debt suspension andlower-interest rate loans, to encourage further involvement, participation andfinancing in the question of the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons,with these incentives available to member nations who:  b.      the UN tointroduce a new form of punishing perpetrators, including anybody involved inthe sale, stockpiling or distribution of illicit weaponry, these punishmentswould be decided by the ICC and UN Security Council;a.

       all member nations to help combat the illicit trade in small arms andlight weapons by working and coordinating together and with the United NationsOffice on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to ensure that border guards of each other’s’countries work together to ensure that criminals that evade one country’sborder guard are caught and that those who are caught or illegitimately claimprotection in another country are extradited in accordance with each membernation’s respective laws;6.      Urges: 5.     Calls upon UNSALWDA, in conjunction with the United Nations Education,Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and all relevant NGOs, toorganise an education campaign in Less Economically Developed Countries(LEDCs), utilising mobile education units and any available media to educatecitizens of countries (where the illicit trade in the Illicit Trade in SmallArms and Light Weapons is deemed by UNSALWDA to be a problem) about the illicittrade in small arms and light weapons, as well as the reasons why they shouldnot participate in this trade, and work with member nations to teach the borderguards all the methods and techniques they can use to detect illegal arms andthe known locations where light weapons and small arms smuggling is practised; 4.       Recommends that all membernations, with the assistance of UNSALWDA and all relevant non-governmentalorganisations (NGOs), establish and maintain border patrols and checkpoints atall major border crossings and all known arms smuggling points, utilising aphysical border presence, thorough identification and documentation checks andall the available methods and equipment to detect illegal arms, including butnot limited to metal detectors and body checks; 3.

      Encourages States that have notyet done so to submit their national reports and, for those in a position to doso, to use the reporting template prepared by the United Nations DevelopmentProgramme, and to include therein information on progress made in theimplementation of the measures; c.       INTERPOL acting upon the information given by the Member State to trace,identify and assist the arrest of the guilty parties;b.       giving access to the international SALW database mentioned above ;a.       member states providing INTERPOL with the information, such as but not limitedto the serial number and transport details of the weapons lost;2.

      Asks Member States to cooperatewith the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) on a frameworknamed `Small Arms and Light Weapons Crisis Assistance Framework` (SALW CAF) toensure that the immediate and effective actions are taken in cases of illegaldistribution and resale, leakage and theft of government issued small armsthrough: c.       amission to deal with the legal as well illegal trade in small arms, that meanscreating tougher restrictions, monitoring small arms movement around the world,and not allowing nations with human rights abuses and on-going conflicts toimport small arms; b.      advising andassisting member nations in making national plans to combat the illicit tradein small arms and light weapons and sharing the information in the database inclause to help them in their plans and would monitor any funding granted inthis resolution and working with member nations and all relevant NGOs and UNOsto ensure that said funding being used for its intended purpose and to retractthis funding if it is found to be used for an unlawful or unintended purpose; a.      the creationof an international database on the illicit trade in small arms and lightweapons, using intelligence gathered by the research team and all relevantorganisations in order to provide information on the wide range of small armsand light weapons in circulation, the locations where the illicit trade is atits worst, the social and economic factors behind the trade and the successesand failures of the strategies composed to combat the illicit trade in smallarms and light weapons; 1.Callsfor the creation of the United Nations Small Arms and Light Weapons DisarmamentAgency (UNSALWDA) as a secondary organisation to the United Nations Office forDisarmament Affairs (UNODA), to be created immediately by the passing of thisresolution, which shall be comprised of a panel of experts, a research team andUN volunteers and whose functions, shall include:


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