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First, a wide variety of people believe that social media
does affect children’s academic performances because many people see it as a
bad habit as it that can take up most of their time. Many people waste their time on it and
they don’t realise on how long they are on their social media which is
essentially a waste of time that can never be gained back. From source 13,
it states that the use of social media does have a negative impact on teenagers
education and  Jennifer L.
Walsh, PhD, of The Miriam Hospital’s Centres for Behavioural and Preventive
Medicine conducted a test, on 483 university female students from a
northeast university in the US, on how long a student had spent using their
social media throughout the week and recorded their academic performances and
it had showed a strong correlation and clearly showed that the students that
use their social media more regularly had on average worse scores that people
who use their phone less, showing that a lot of students don’t use their time
wisely and end up wasting it through social media. In addition Jennifer has
also stated that students who spent more time engaging in these forms of media,
had “fewer academic behaviours, such as completing homework and attending
class, lower academic confidence and more problems affecting their school work,
like lack of sleep and substance use.” And this statement shows that due to
students excessively using social media causes other small problems that
negatively affect their academic performances. In addition, as it is a craving
as in source 24 Daniel Gerrard who is a
family interventionist and founder of Addiction Helper believes that it is an
addiction and has stated that ‘The more you
do it, the more you want to do it, and the more you block out the outside
world. So, whether you win or lose, you still get that high feeling. And the
more you do it, the more you block out what’s going on’
and this emphasises on how it causes anyone to get influenced to constantly go
on their social media and this shows that it can affect students as they see as
a craving to constantly check it and this therefore adds up to a lot of hours
being wasted and the author adds that how that she feels more free when she had
deleted her social media showing that you spend a lot of time on social media
without actually realising on how many hours you are on it. From source 4 it
describes  students multi-tasking (checking
their phone and studying) and so their ability to concentrate on their task at
hand significantly lowers due to the distractions and this affects their academic
performances negatively. Therefore many parents and people believe that social
media isn’t good for students education as it is seen as an addiction, causing
a lot of time being wasted as they can be easily side-tracked and not focusing
on their education and this is due to social medias influence to get students
more intrigued and use it more.

As the number of social media use has increased from 0.97
billion users in 2010 to an estimated 3.02 billion users in 20211,
causing it to be more accessible for teenagers, there is a general debate on
whether it affects teenager’s education negatively. In addition, as the
advancements in features for social media changes to make it more appealing for
users the world IQ scores2
are getting lower as it has decreased from around 89% in 2010 to an estimated
82% in 2110 and many people blame the advancement of social media to this
problem.  There are a lot opinions and
arguments created by this topic as some people have said that it helps students
grades as it they will be more used as a diary and used to help them with
homework, but many parents believe that it is a ‘distraction’ to their work
which causes them to not focus enough on their work and study which has possibly
caused a decline in their academic performances. I was brought to this topic as
I have just got social media and I question if my grades will fall due to it
and, so I was wondering if this ‘distraction’ helps my grades or if it takes a
negative spin to it.


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