Your book covers Goal Setting, Motivation and Character. What does “Being Successful” mean to you?   


Success can be seen in different ways one is to achieve your
goals such as finishing high school or get the job but an important thing is to
have a college degree for my college and have a good job to make a better life
for my family and pay The education of my children is to be successful. My
goals are short and long term mass and I can make my children men educated and
graduated from the university.

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2. What are your goals for the next five years
(short-term, mid-term, long-term)?


My goals are to finish the college and to be able to do a
masters degree if my financial situation allows it, and to be able to get a job
were I can develop my knowledge.


What motivates you?


What motivates me is my family is my biggest motivation to
keep educating and learn English every day, my main motivation is that my
children are proud that their mother graduated from college in the United
States and that the language was not an obstacle.


 What are some of the values of your personal
character and how will these values help you be succesful  in your future career?


Some of my values are patience, responsibility, persistent,
organized, listening, disciplined, and these values can help me with my career
I need to be a good efficient worker and I can solve the problems with ethics
and integrity to develop a better job.


Chapter 4 covers strategies for managing time and preventing procrastination.


Explain how you the first is to make a schedule and follow
it, have time to study, to sleep and have time for other things, study in the
same place and avoid all kinds of distraction like television, noise,
everything that can distract you. Finish the work in time to avoid leaving
everything to the last minute.


Chapter 12 outlines planning and preparation for career exploration. In what
ways are you self-aware?


My personality is that I like to help people feel satisfied
if I do something for someone, interests is to work with people these can be of
any age. I value my work because I am a phlebotomist and I work with a person
of different ages and I like what I do.



What options do you currently have for possible career choices?  


I choices a teacher I will work with children and help them
obtain the basic, education. To be a teacher, you can help educate the future
generation of this country for a better generation since education helps to
avoid ignorance and make a better future for these students.


What career best “fits” your personal abilities, interests, needs and values?


The Teacher id fir because, solve the problems, I am
concerned about the education of my community, the physical and mental
development of the children and their integrity.


Based on your research, what do you need to do to gain entry into the career of
your choice?


I need to register in the classes, and fallow
the career plan.  


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