1- Establishing a cell to operate in will have a huge return on investment for the business.

It will cost us space, money, and it will benefit us in reducing Time & Distance of the process, as the workers are crossing average of 5 KM per day we will have and organized process and will eliminate many tasks that are currently done such as vanishing and anti-contamination procedures that are being done.Nothing can be considered as non-financial benefits as every investment the cell project will lead to a profit.2- If I was in the position of Dean I will first set a plan to arrange the workshop from a to Z by arranging a tools corner and work station with labelling in the workshop and set a process for the manufacturing process and will set targets and collect the results this will for sure influence the quality and time spent to achieve the work, I will share results with the management following to that I will immediately present this idea and sell it to the management showing that organizing the work process will highly influence the quality of the work and will ease the process more by having the cell implemented in the work shop.3- The cell work will ease the process and will organize it so that there will be no hinders such as those mentioned by him ” workers are climbing over each other to do the work left overs of materials are all over the yards workshop etc.” which he as well mentioned them getting worse with time. Establishing the cell and organizing the workshop will ease the access and the process itself.4- Yes, as people in their nature are more focused when they have such coding system for the human and machinery resources.

Each employee at the workshop will identify the machine or even the colleague that he/she will need to operate on or with. Even it will be as an important benefit in front of the client if any decided to visit the workshop.5- There is always a risk factor acting on a plan/project. Establishing a cell will be new to the business and to the employees themselves and they use to perform accordingly with the unorganized environment they are currently in and might blame it for the delay; the cell might be a new challenge for them and will for sure provide them with the ease of process with a full new system training for the employees the work flow will go as planned.


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