1.      Providinga listening ear- this involves the use of listening skills to gain informationfrom the victim on the situation and understanding the underlying factors fortheir decision to stay in the relationship if they still want to. It involvesnot being judgmental but rather tender in proffering possible solutions andadvise on actions that can be taken by the victim. In this process, it is alsoimportant to give re assuring and re-affirming words to the victim to improveself esteem and worth which may have been battered during the abuse.2.      Providingcomprehensive health services for victims- this involves ensuring that thevictim gains quick access to good health care to help her address any healthcomplications that might have developed during the abuse.

This is an important stepso that the life of the victim is sustained before any other processes can becarried out. 3.      Providingsafety for the victim in any supporting system unit- this includes enrollingthe victim in a support system centre where she can be kept away from theperpetrator to dissuade further harm of the victim. For example, in the casescenario, the lady was enrolled in Hope Centre which is a support system centreand helped her in rejuvenating and get clear cut thought about what she wantedto do next. This would not have been possible if she had to return to the houseof the perpetrator who happens o be her husband.

4.      Involvingappropriate legal authorities to sanction perpetrator- this is an importantphase which cannot be done without the consent of the victim. Therefore, thevictim must be sensitized on the effect of silence and the chance of reoccurrence if the perpetrator is no brought to justice.

There are human rightactivist centers as well as anti-domestic violence centers that work with thelegal authorities that can be contacted to make legal prosecutions on theperpetrator.5.      Rehabilitatingsurvivors- this involves helping the victim to regain their stance and recoverfrom the psychological effect of the abuse. It is a process that takes time andinvolves professionals such as psychiatrist, psychotherapist e.t.c. to bringabout the desired changes.

6.      Re-integratingsurvivors into the society- this involves helping the victims find their placeand be re-instated into the society to live a normal life. In doing this,economic and social empowerment is usually provided for the victims so thatthey can self-dependent and self-determined in making decisions that affecttheir lives.



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