1. IntroductionThemassive volume and complexity of projects in Indian construction sectorpretense a grand challenge, which provides a fortune of opportunities toseveral companies in construction industry. The industry is so smitten withvarious large as well as small scale companies. This results in a demand of large workforce includingindirect employment.

 Normally,when projects are delayed, they causes time overrun and therefore, incur costoverrun. Delays are always measured as expensive to all parties concerned inprojects and very often it will result in clash, claims, total desertion andmuch difficult for feasibility and also it slows the growth of constructionsector (Salunkhe et al 2014). Construction is a risky industry withuncertainties due to many external and internal factors that influence theconstruction process. Delays are most frequent phenomena in constructionsector and one of the biggest challenges for delivering quality projects. Theproblem occurrence is very repetitive and some time its complexity leads todisputes & litigation which holds the total project work.

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Leading to success is highly critical factor in projectlife cycle. Also due to huge competition in construction industry it isessential to study the causes and critical factors which control the projectsuccess. There are number of performance measuring parameters are cited to calla project successful, such as satisfaction of project participants, technicalperformance of project and number of disputes at the completion of project(Kumar N.,2011). However, different analysismethods will provide different results for the same circumstances depending onthe time and resources available for the analysis and accessibility of projectdocumentation. This paper analyzes construction delay factors based on theresponses received via questionnaire survey. The main purpose of this study isto rank the delay factors and find a most critical delay factor which affectsthe project performance.   Earlier studies eitherconsidered the causes or effects of project delays.

This study takes integratedapproach of time overrun and cost overrun and attempts to evaluate criticalfactors from project participant’s (Client, Engineer and Contractor)perspective.  The logical question at this point is: Why it is necessaryto evaluate critical construction delay factors and how it can help thepractitioners to prevent or remedy future delays? In this research weidentified delay factors and categorized them as owner related, consultantrelated, contractor related, material related, labour and equipment related,project related and external related delay factors. Identification of causes ofdelay factors and ranking the delay factors aloe does not help the projectparticipants to take appropriate steps. The project participants need tounderstand, for example, what critical delay factor in their work have majorimpact on project performance and results in time and cost overrun. Once thesefactors are clear, the participants can take proactive steps to elude suchsituation.


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