1 Describe asituation where you would need to reallocate healthcare resources. One of macroallocation or microallocation. Give examples of each? Reallocate meansmoving something like a health clinic, emergencymaterials, or medicine during the emergency situation. It is important whenreallocating that first of all the move is safe and secure. The macroallocation policies, which affect wholegroups of people in similar situations, gives resources equally to everyone,based on the need of the person.

One example is Obama Care, which is a bigcompany and provides insurance. Another example is to give priority to onepatient over another. Microallocation is based on the need of the individual.The individual makes the allocation decisions. Anexample would include a decisionregarding organ recipients, hospital spaces. Anotherexample who will get the flu vaccinewhen there is a shortage.  2 Describe whatit means to keep records confidential? What is the process of correcting errorsor storing them? Confidentiality meansto retain a client’s or customer’s information between you and the client, andnot telling or sharing with others like family, friends, employees etc.Confidentiality is the safety of personal information.

It is good to keep everyrecord confidential in the workplace or anywhere else. When correcting errors,do not use white-out for a mistake line,instead, initial in the paper chart. Computer chart writer underline. Whenstoring, to prevent security and confidentiality issues, lock the door whilefiling in the mobile shelving with the number of files to be stored.

It is veryimportant that this information not bestored on the floor and in a temperature controlled area.  3 when doeslife begin  The humanlife begins at conception, when the eggis fertilized by the sperm. The life begins as a living embryo. Or when there is a heartbeat and brain activity, and allthat is present at some mark after conception. In my religion, we tend tobelieve that human life beings at conception. 4 describe thestages of grief.

Are you for or against assisted death? The five stages ofgrief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Denial ornumbness is when it is difficult to believe the loss has occurred. During anger, he or she feels powerless and unfairlydeprived. Bargaining: as the reality of loss sets in, the individual maypromise to change if what was lost can be returned. Depression goesbeyond feelings of sadness; feelings of isolation and hopelessness mayoccur. The acceptance: the person faces the reality of the loss and experiencesclosure.

I would say yes if someone is always suffering, living constantly withsevere pain the condition is very critical, and there is no hope or any way tohelp the patient. In this situation, I’m for the assisted death. 


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