1. Introduction Satire as the genre has the reflection in different art forms, such as theatre, books, poems, paintings, songs, animation, etc. (Frederick, T .

(2012)) Puppet theatre is one of the oldest entertainment in the world. The first dolls were found in ancient Egypt. (McCormick, J. and Pratasik, B. (1998).

  Over the time, the importance of the puppet theatre has changed, it has acquired cultural significance and value. Moreover, in Africa and Asia, puppets play an important role in religious rituals. (Tilakasiri, 1968)Some years later puppet theatre becomes means of creative-thinking, self-expression, political humor and gives the audience thought-provoking plots.

The previous function of puppet theatres substituted. Artists expressed their thoughts and dissatisfaction with the help of satire by using different types of puppets, such as paper puppets, hand puppets or marionettes. By this way, they attracted a large audience and could spread their thoughts among various generations making fun of ruling class and their unpopular decisions.

They made people laugh and at the same time think about the daily problems. The first part is devoted to different stages of satire evolution in the puppet theatre; the way people dealing with voice alteration; low-pitched and high-pitched, aiming at reaching special effects.Furthermore, the costumes played a significant role, imitating the person who was the subject of the derision. The second part describes one of the oldest show “Punch and Judy” from the 16th century that has come down to our days and greatly influenced on American and British society. In wartime, this show inspired and encouraged both civil and military citizens and maintained spirit.  The third part, the modern representations of satire genre and technological  changes in puppet production based on three shows: “Splitting Image” “Dolls” and  “Team America”.

These three shows are vivid examples of how satire reveals the truth, give people an opportunity to laugh at themselves, criticise, express their opinions about the political situation in the world. Moreover, the special effects were introduced in this shows appearing new methods of performing. The main task of my graduation essay is to define the role of puppets as actors in satire and show the evolution of satirical puppet in different ways of performing.

Satire has no desire to change the world or to save it, is literally with a help of puppets to show the major driving forces in human life, political an intellectual roles, wisdom, assumption of superiority.


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