1. The Teaching and learning process objective of the practiceCollege accesses the learning needs of every student at entry level to established specific learning objective, develop teaching -learning strategies and plan of action. each student gets an opportunities to learn at his pace and pass percentage is improved .

The practice:-The teacher first introduce and discusses the topic and encourages students to share their understanding of the topic and provide self prepared notes of that topic. Slow learners are thus identified during the first fortnight of theory classes, after completion of their theory and  practicals for  slow learners arrange doubt clearing sessions for  all students. All students  are motivated to use library for referring new books as per syllabus, reference books, journals, e journals. Teachers also motivates students to try and prepare their own notes.

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For students home assignments, topic wise class tests ,monthly unit tests , tutorials ,two sessional along with presemester examination  helps to evaluate overall performance and understanding levels. After completion of unit tests, class test, sessional, presemester, monthly attendance every class teacher send his / her marks to parents and arrange parents meeting for discussion of academic progress of his boy or girl . Attendance is monitored regularly and only students fulfilling the 75%attendence criteria are permitted to submit feedback regarding the teaching learning process. feedback is reviewed regularly and every teacher is motivated to do their best. After completion of syllabus the overall syllabus is again repeated up to the completion of session.

 For B.Pharm III and IV year students from the commencement of semester college organized extra coaching for the preparations of all India level GPAT and NIPER exam.  The classes are taken by senior faculty members free of cost.Evidence of success :-The result of year wise semester examinations show a marked  increase in the past percentage from first to final year of the four year of pharmacy course. Due to this best academic practice students are get Gold medals, University rankers in University examinations and also cracked GPAT and NIPER examinations.

2. National Anthem and Pharmacist Oath:From last seven years college has started singing of the national anthem and pharmacist oath daily at sharp 09:40am. All teachers, nonteaching staff and students gathered in the open space  of college building for this daily event.

 This practice  is beneficial for unity and feeling proud about nation and our profession for all.   3. Women Empowerment :Objective of the practise: Women constitute more than 60% of the total student strength of the college .The majority of them come from drought and rural areas . Where miserable conditions of utter poverty ,illiteracy , ill health .

so the college has resolved to take up  the causes of Women empowerment for the women students with objectives of ,1) Arranging  special session with the police specially ladies police and social activists.2) Condcting lectures on anti ragging  and gender equity. 3) Organizing the exclusive health check up camp for women, students by ladies doctors.  4.

Participating in a National Life Saving Social Work  Program of Organ Donation:Objective: To save lifeIn India, a large number of people die due to road traffic accidents. However, only a small number of people that die due to these circumstances are able to donate their organs. As organs need to be transplanted as soon as possible following the donor’s death, they can only be donated by someone who has died in the hospital. Usually, organs come from people who are certified as dead while on a ventilator in a hospital intensive care unit, which can be as a result of a hemorrhage, major accident like a car crash or stroke. For saving life  use the organs of brain dead persons.The PracticeCollege has participated in National social work i.

e. Organ donation associated with Government Civil Hospital, Osmanabad. In this program from Principal, Staff members Students and parents gives their consent letter about organ donation.  500 consent letters are submitted to Government Civil Hospital, Osmanabad.

 EvidenceEvidence is uploaded in additional information document.


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