1.1     Purpose Thepurpose of frugal healthcare collaboration system is to provide its consumerwith the ease of taking appointment while setting at home. The appointmentssystem is a means for E-health care that allows for quick booking and managingof patients appointments while eliminating the possibility of reiteration ofthe same time slot for different patients. Only eligible people with accessremittance are consent to reserve appointments, thereby to provide the bestservice for patients. Specific objectives include:·        Establishment of apaperless environment·        Scheduling of themedical activities and services within the healthcare center·        Optimizes utilizationof medical resources at the medical center·        Increase efficiency ofmedical care outcome 1.2     Intended Audience and ReadingSuggestionsThe remaining sections of the SRSdocument contains detailed information regarding the requirements of frugalhealthcare system.

In section 2 the document covers the product perspective,product functions, user expectations, constraints, any assumptions ordependencies, and anything that is beyond the scope of the application. Readers who wish to explore the features ofFrugal healthcare system in more detail should read on to section 3 (SystemFeatures), which expands upon the information laid out in the main overview.In section 4 the document gives graphical models which specify the bridgebetween the application domain and the machine domain. In section 5 the details ofthe non-functional requirements are given, including performance, usability,quality etc. constraints. Section 6 contains other requirements which includes any additional information.Section 7 gives the reader information about key milestones and key resourcerequirements.

1.3     Document ConventionsIn this document some terminology whichreaders may be unfamiliar with are also included and these terminologies areexplained in Appendix A (Glossary). 1.

4     Scope It is well known today that the discoverieschanges the face of technology and that change of technology also change theworld. Technology play very imported role in ever field of life like inAutomobiles, communication and learning etc. So by seeing this innovation whywe ignore to automate our doctor’s appointment the main purpose of Frugal HealthcareCollaboration System for Doctor and Patient is to provide its consumer withreliable and easy appointment getting that save their time and money as well.The patient uses the system to find a doctor and view their schedule. Theschedules shows information such as the doctor’s working hours, lunch breaks,holidays, vacations, unavailable appointment times, etc… The patient then usesthe system to request an appointment at an available time. The doctor looks ata master view of the schedule and approves the requested appointments.

An emailmessage is sent to the patient to confirm the appointment that they requested.2.1 Product PerspectiveFrugalhealthcare system is intended to be used in Medical clinics in order to helpimprove appointment services and maintaining all the record of patients online.There already exists a wide variety of similar products on the market. Most ofthese commercial applications are intended to be very general and try to coverany possible business. Although these products exist, Medical clinics stillexhaust a great deal of time and money scheduling their appointments. This isbecause Medical clinics have very specific needs that differ from otherbusinesses. Frugal healthcare system is an application that is tailored to aMedical clinic’s needs.

2.2 ProductFunctions2.2.1       Patients2.

2.1.1             Createa Patient AccountThe patient needs to register with frugalhealthcare system in order to book appointments.

The patient must provide thefollowing information: Contact information, username and password.             Searcha DoctorThe patient will be able to search a doctorby his availability. He can view the profiles of all doctors.             BookAppointmentThe patient shall be able to book anappointment with any doctor.             Cancelan AppointmentThe patient can cancel his own appointment,as long as he cancels it 60 hours in advance.             ViewAppointmentsThe patient will be able to consult all ofhis or her active appointments.              Edit Personal InformationThe patient will be able to modify his/herpersonal information such as his/her address, telephone number, etc.

 2.2.2            Admin 2.

2.2.1             RegisterHospital          The adminshall be able to register clinic.             RegisterDoctor Account.        The admin shall be able to register doctor against clinic.


3             Create schedule          The admin shall be ableto create schedule for doctors1.4.1.1     View AppointmentsAn admin may need to identify all of the appointmentsthat have been scheduled for a specific day or week.2.2.

2.4             Updatedoctor’s details       Thereare certain exceptions in which a doctor will not be able to follow his/herregular   schedule. For example,vacations, illness, etc. frugal healthcare system allows the admin to updatedoctor’s schedule for a short period of time.2.2.3       DOCTOR 2.

2.3.1             CancelPatient AppointmentsIn the case of an emergency, the doctor mayneed to cancel his/her appointments.

The system will send a message to all thepatients affected by the change.2.2.

3.2             ViewAppointmentsA doctor may need to identify all of theappointments that have been scheduled for a specific day or week.2.3  User Classes and CharacteristicsThe frugal healthcare system project is meantto offer an online appointment system that is faster, easier, and moreconvenient than manual system. Consequently, the application will have littleor no learning curve, and the user interface will be as intuitive as possible.Thus, technical expertise and Android experience should not be an issue.2.

4  Operating EnvironmentFrugal healthcare systemapp will supports web platform for every user classes like patient, doctor andadmin.2.5  Design and Implementation Constraints2.5.1       Constraints for web based Application:·        Use PC’s memory.·         Processing depend on theprocessing power of PC.

Frugal healthcare system is meant to be quickand responsive. So, each feature must be design and implement in efficient way.2.6  User DocumentationThe goal of frugal healthcare system tofacilitate users.

The application will be designed as simple as possible. Usermay require some supplementary information about the system. For this purpose,user can any time check the availability of doctor by viewing his schedule. 2.7  Assumptions and Dependencies2.7.1       TimeDependencies:    There are some time dependencies in frugalhealthcare system.·        Appointment cancellation by patient can only take place 48 hours inadvance.

·        Appointment cancellation by doctor can only take place 48 hours inadvance.2.7.

2       ExternalDependencies:             SMSNotifications:This feature would allow offline users toreceive notifications via text messages. A suitable and free text messaging APIthat can be called from the server has yet to be found.



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