1.0 IntroductionWhatis marketing? Marketing can involve so many things. Many people associatemarketing with promoting and selling products, however it can also be findingout consumer preferences and assessing their needs. Furthermore, carrying outmarket research and finding out who your target market is, is also involved inthe marketing process. Marketing can be defined as identifying, meeting andsatisfying customer needs through the process of market research.

Marketing isvery customer focused, as the success of a company can be achieved throughhaving satisfied customers.  MotelRocks is a clothing company that initially started in Glastonbury. Motel Rockshave become popular for being a company that sells a range of fashionableclothes from festival gear to fancy night-time wear. Motel Rocks wasestablished in the late 90’s after the brand founders travelled across the Westcoast of America, on what they called a ‘road trip of freedom’.

This tripinspired the founders to create their company, Motel Rocks, due to the amountof indie, vintage clothes shops and thrift stores that they visited whilsttravelling though the coast of California. Their aim was therefore, to bringthese looks and outfits to the British consumer market and to carve a niche inthe UK marketplace. Motel Rocks have been on-the-go for over 15 years, and arenow a leading British fashion label renowned for offering unique prints, figurefitting outfits and trend-setting styles that are loved by all kinds of fashionistas,style icons and celebrities across the globe. I have chosen Motel Rocks companyas, although not recently but, I have purchased clothes from them before and Ireally liked how up-to-date they kept me with my purchase and how muchinformation about sizing and recommendations they offered to me when I was initiallylooking through their website. Also, I love the clothes that they sell and howunique they are. The clothes and accessories that Motel Rocks offers are notonly unique, but are of great quality and would never fail to make you standout. 2.0 Micro/Macro EnvironmentsAbusiness environment is often divided into two categories: micro environmentand macro environment.

The macro environment are major external factors thataffect many industries, and cannot be influenced by one company. A micro environmentare factors that are more specific to one business or industry, often internalbut also relate to suppliers and competitors, they have some control overthese. SWOTAnalysis:Strengths- MotelRocks have a strong product variety: they offer multiple different types ofclothes from going out in style to looking hipster at a festival. They alsosell more basic, everyday items for those who don’t like to go out/dress up alot. Their clothes that they offer are attractive to many, including celebritiessuch as Lily Allen, Little Boots, Alesha Dixon and Amber Davies from LoveIsland. Having, these celebrities promoting the brand and making it more known,is a strength of Motel Rocks, as it is continuously growing their brand nameand having people associate these celebrities with their brand. Furthermore,fans of these celebrities will want to be like them, and will be encouraged topurchase Motel Rocks clothes. Another strength of Motel Rocks is their sizeranges.

They offer XS, S, M, L and XL, also with advice on what sizes wouldmost suit yourself, including ways to measure yourself. These size ranges cantarget all people, and shows that Motel Rocks can accommodate to all of theircustomers. Reviews that I found online, state from some people that they foundthe sizes were true to fit, and also that where they thought the size would betoo small, actually fitted perfectly. Also, from clothes that I purchased awhile ago, my order arrived well packaged and in a quick delivery time.

I hadordered a sequined skirt and a black bodysuit. These both arrived as veryhigh-quality pieces and have lasted me wearing them multiple times. I alsofound that the material of the clothing was very comfortable to wear. As withthe sequined skirt, how many people would think it would be itchy oruncomfortable to wear, it had material on the inside that protected your skinfrom the sequins on the skirt. Also, where I would usually have trouble findinga body-suit true to size due to my small frame, the one purchased from Motel Rocks,fitted me well.Weaknesses- Amain weakness of Motel Rocks is their extortionate prices. Many people aredrawn to the company due to their nicely designed and attractive clothes, butare then swayed away from the company due to how expensive they actually are.

Yes, the clothes are of a high quality and the sizes are true to fit, but is itreally necessary for them to be that expensive? The cost of a basic velvetcropped top ranges from £22-£25, which in my opinion is far too high, causingcustomers to turn to other online retailers instead. Another weakness of MotelRocks is that there are no shops at all in the UK or anywhere else. This is anextreme disadvantage to the company as they are lacking local customers incertain areas, and are only targeting an online market. If Motel Rocks were tohave a retail shop somewhere in the UK, they would appeal to more of theirtarget audience as it would be easy access for them and it would generate moresales and income. Also, this would mean they would be seen as more of a threatto their competitors such as Missguided that have a few stand-alone stores andalso would prove more successful than ASOS and Pretty Little Thing that do nothave any stores in the UK or anywhere else. Opportunities- MotelRocks have many opportunities available to them.

One of them being, expandingto create a store to attract more customers. The ideal location for this storeto be situated, would be either in their home-town Glastonbury or in London, toreach a larger target market. Also, they have more opportunities for celebrityendorsement. They have just recently sponsored Amber Davies, winner of LoveIsland 2017, and made her a brand ambassador, landing her a £500K deal to bethe face of their brand. From this, they have gained more of an interest fromother celebrities, which they can use to endorse others.Threats– MotelRocks have threats from their fellow competitors. Missguided that are strongeras an online brand, have an engagement of 3.93M total visits this year whilstMotel Rocks have much less.

Furthermore, Missguided are also seen as a morepopular brand. On a poll that popped up on a YouTube advert, it asked “Which ofthese brands have you heard of before?” including the options of Motel Rocks,ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, and Missguided. In the results of this poll, only28% of people had known of Motel Rocks, with the highest amount of people withknowledge of what Missguided are and what they do. This shows that not only areMotel Rocks a smaller company but they do not have a strong brand awareness atall, as the public are not able to identify who they are. PESTEL AnalysisPolitical– MotelRocks need to be aware of government policies and how this can have an effecton how their business might run.

These policies could have an impact on howMotel Rocks can sell overseas and in different markets. Also, Motel Rocks needto be aware of an increase in tax, that can have a detrimental effect on theincrease of their clothes. This could in fact, mean Motel Rocks could have aloss of sales.Economic– Throughoutthe oil and credit crunch, Motel Rocks had to adapt to the impact of people nothaving as much disposable income to splash out on clothes. This could haveaffected their sales and flow of money coming into the business.Social–MotelRocks must keep their customers up-to-date with information and offers etc.Motel Rocks also must keep up to date with current trends and offer them totheir customers. If they are selling out-of-date or unpopular clothing thenpeople will not buy them and Motel Rocks will get bad reviews.

Technological– MotelRocks have a website that they must ensure that it is constantly working andshows all images, text, videos and other features correctly. Also, when peopleare purchasing items online, Motel Rocks must have their website set upcorrectly and the ‘shopping bag’ and payments are carried out appropriately. Environmental–MotelRocks must ensure that they are an environmentally-friendly company to tend tothe satisfaction of customers. Their packaging must be recyclable and reusable,to limit the effect on the environment. Also, the ways in which they delivertheir packages to customers must be efficient, but in the least-harmful way tothe environment.

Legal–MotelRocks must keep up-to-date with their laws and how they can change. They must abideby the health and safety act to ensure all staff are safe in storehouses ofMotel Rocks. Also, they must ensure they abide by the equal pay act to ensurethat all of their staff are getting treated fairly.

This will show goodcorporate responsibility from Motel Rocks.   3.0 Market ResearchMarketresearch is the process of collecting and analysing valuable information toproduce a solution to any marketing problem. Market research is needed to findout what customers think.

Also, the information that is found during researchmust be analysed to predict future behaviour and create products and servicesthat the public will have a want and need for. With lack of market research,you will end up producing products or services that no-one wants. Therefore,Motel Rocks must use market research to find out their target market, and bycarrying out different types of research methods, they can find out theirconsumer preferences and deliver products specific to them. Motel Rocks can useprimary research and secondary research to find out information on theirconsumer market. Primary research, which can also be known as field research, involvesgathering new data relating to the specific problem being investigated.

Primaryresearch can be done in a number of ways, such as: surveys, reviews, polls,samples, interviews and focus groups. Secondary research, which can also beknown as desk research is carried out using existing sources of data andinformation such as: library, government offices, magazines, research journals,internet and market research companies. Quantitative data is when you gatherdata based on the amount of people/volume of the data. Quantitative data can becollected from surveys, polls and questionnaires, in order to find out approx.numbers which is specific towards the type of data being gathered.

Motel Rockshave used quantitative data, by having polls on their social media pages askingpeople what they want to see more of being offered on their website. MotelRocks can then use this information to find out what the consumer market wantsto see the most, based on the number of votes for each option of the poll. Qualitativedata is more individually focused. This means that it is based on descriptionsof experiences or characteristics and may be used as it can be more specific,but however can be time-consuming and difficult to analyse the data. A methodof finding qualitative data can include: depth interviews, focus groups,mystery shoppers, product testing and projective techniques. Motel Rocks haveused qualitative data, by emailing a survey out to customers, after purchasing,for them to complete on their opinions of Motel Rocks clothing, buying process,and delivery.

They can then use this information gathered to improve theirentire process of purchasing. 4.0 Market Segmentation/TargetingMarketSegmentation involves dividing the market into groups based on things such as:age, gender, occupation, geography etc. Companies can also split publics upinto specifics, for example: their social class, interests and dislikes etc.

Market segmentation is important to enable a business to better target itsproducts to the appropriate customers. Motel Rocks can use market segmentationto help them understand their customers in more depth, identify their customersso it makes it easier to spot new opportunities, and also find newopportunities for new markets. For example, Motel Rocks can appropriately splitup their consumer market into age groups, and wealth.

The clothes directed at18 year olds, can differ extremely from clothing they would direct towards 25year olds. Also, they can use market segmentation further to split up theirconsumer market into students that don’t have a lot of money, and adults with awell-established job that have a steady income. They can split the market intothis, to allow them to target cheaper clothes towards younger people, and themore expensive ones towards those with a good income coming in monthly. Asstated earlier, Motel Rocks have a target market of mainly female ages 18-25.With splitting up this market into ages, and also social class, Motel Rockswill be able to target certain people easier. This is beneficial as if theytried to target everyone, they would not succeed. 5.

0 Marketing TheoryInvolvedin marketing is the marketing mix. The marketing mix includes 4 Ps, and theservices marketing mix includes 7 Ps. Included in the 4 Ps is: Product, Place,Price and Promotion. Furthermore, the three other Ps for a service companyinclude Processes, People and Physical Evidence. Product– Theproducts that Motel Rocks sells are fashionable, trendy clothes that attractages 18-25 females. They offer edgy and unique festival wear but are alsowell-known for their stand-out sequined dresses and two-pieces.

There are alsoother products available, such as basic tops, shirts and t-shirts. As well as,bikinis and lingerie, hence there is a diverse range of products that areavailable.Price– Theprice of these products can range dependent on the item of clothing. Theirsequined dresses can range in price from £48-£65 and the price of a trendycrop-top in their “festival” section of their webpage can range from £10-£38depending on how fancy or glittery the item is that you would like to purchase.Motel Rocks could use competition orientated pricing, which is where they lookat how their competitors price their clothes, and match their own pricessimilar to that to attract customers.

Also, they could use premium costing toattract customers to purchase from them. This is when they price their productsdeliberately high to seem like a luxury, exclusive product in order toinfluence consumers to purchase them to have the luxury, high-class status.Place– Themain place that you can purchase Motel Rocks is online, on their website asthey do not have a stand-alone shop anywhere in the UK or outside of it. Thismeans that Motel Rocks isn’t the most accessible shop as people without accessto a computer, mobile device or internet access, would not be able to shop withMotel Rocks.

Promotion– MotelRocks use social media such as: Twitter, Instagram and their Facebook page tooffer deals, and information about new products, or sale items. Also, once youpurchase from their website, after entering your email and other details, thenthey will send you promotional emails and offers. The promotional deals thatthey offer are all shown on their website. They offer 20% student discount andalso free UK shipping for orders that are over £50. Recently, with Black Fridaydeals circling retail shops online, Motel Rocks have jumped on the bandwagon ofoffering 25% off of everything for sale, with a promotional code “BROKE” whenchecking out.

Furthermore, they have reduced lots of their tops and otherclothes items: the highest being £35, down to £10. Processes– Processesis involved in the services marketing mix, so is therefore not relevant toMotel Rocks. However, processes entail the system that is used to deliver thecustomer’s experience. This process that an organisation puts in place must beas simple as possible and run smoothly. Also, it should not be a complicatedprocess and should have as few steps as possible to avoid customers gettingimpatient and angry.

An example of this can be at McDonalds. The process atMcDonalds include: walking up to counter to place order, server takes yourorder, asks questions about size of meal, gives you change and receipt, thenserver collects your food, puts it on a tray, and then hands it over to you.People– Peopleis also part of the services marketing mix, so is therefore not relevant toMotel Rocks. Involved in people, is the staff who deliver the experience to thecustomer. These people can have the biggest impact on the customer’s experienceand also, how they see the company. Examples of people can be staff that workat the college: lecturers, guidance tutors, canteen staff etc.

can all impactthe way that someone finds the college.PhysicalEvidence – Also,physical evidence is another P of the services marketing mix, which is notrelevant to Motel Rocks. Physical evidence is what you physically take awayfrom the company.

This is mostly relevant to the services marketing mix, asservices organisations are usually considered those where the customers leave”empty handed”. For example, staying overnight in the premier inn, the physicalevidences a customer has there include: comfy bed, good night’s sleep, showerfacilities and politeness of staff etc. They do not walk out of the organisationwith it in a bag, but the customers will make judgements based on what isaround them. 6.0 Changing MarketConditionsMotelRocks must be able to adapt to the forever changing market conditions. They area very successful fashion brand in the UK and if they do not keep on top ofchanging market conditions it is likely that they will fall behind their competition.They have to continually create, study and analyse data through quantitative andqualitative research methods to understand what problems they have.

Whether itis to do with the times of year that Motel Rocks are releasing their products orthe current trends that they are producing, they have to understand how much ofthe market they have and how they can gain more market share. Motel Rocks selltypically summery, festival-wear or skimpy going-out wear. However, they do notseem to offer different types of clothing for the changes in season. Forwinter-time or when the weather gets colder, Motel Rocks do not adapt the styleof clothes that they wear, which can mean that they might lose out on a lot ofsales through this period. Anotherway in which Motel Rocks can change to market conditions is if they branch outinto selling clothes that are tailored towards men, rather than just towardswomen. Motel Rocks do not have a men’s section at all, so an idea could be thatthey could adapt to the market and start up a men’s line, in order to attractmore business, and make Motel Rocks clothing more suitable to all.

7.0 ConclusionOverall,Motel Rocks are a UK-based successful clothing company. Through a number of keyareas, such as SWOT analysis, PESTEL and market research, they still have a fewareas that they could improve on and they have many different markets that theycan expand their business into. 


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