1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 COMPANY BACKGROUNDSamsung, a brand that well-known in worldwide, abrand that has grown into one of the world’s leading electronics companies andpioneer in digital media and digital convergence technologies. Commonly Samsungis only well recognized by its products such as Samsung Galaxy smartphones,tablets and Samsung television but not the meaning of Samsung. It is importantto understand the reason behind of the brand named Samsung.

Therefore, what isthe meaning of ‘Samsung’? It will come across employees’ mind when they first jointhe company including myself. ‘Sam’ literally means three and in Korea, threeis the most favored number and it represents big, powerful, and numerous.’Sung’ means a shining star so high up in the sky that it becomes eternal. Afterunderstand the meaning of Samsung, it is also important to know about thehistory of Samsung Electronics.             SamsungElectronics is a multinational company established in 1969 where the trend oftechnology and digital begins. Its origin is from Republic of Korea (ROK),founded by Lee Byung-chul. It became a major manufacturer in Korean market byproducing electronics appliances.

In year 1980, Samsung-Sanyo initiated theproduction of black and white televisions of model P-3202and were started to beexport to Panama in year 1971. However, the television is only available fordomestic market in year 1972. In year 1974, Samsung Electronics started theproduction of washing machine and refrigerator and followed by launchingworld’s third ‘Quick Start’ system television in year 1975. This product wascalled Econo TV and in year 1976, Samsung Electronics produced one millionblack and white televisions. In year 1977, color televisions were started to beexported and mass production of color television was also began by SamsungElectronics and in the same year, Korea Semiconductor Co. was acquired bySamsung Electronics. In the next year, Samsung Electronics produced fourmillion black and white television where awarded as the producing the mostblack and white television in the world.

On the same year in 1978, SamsungElectronics established the first overseas office in the US. In year 1979,Samsung Electronics began the mass production of microwave oven and acquiredKorea Electronics Information Co.            Afterthat, in the year 1980s, Samsung Electronics started to enter the globalmarketplace. Entering the global market means the Samsung Electronics focusedon technology in order to compete effectively back in the years between 1980and 1989. By this, Samsung Electronics created two research and developmentinstitutes that helped the company to advance further into electronics,semiconductors and optical telecommunications and helped in technologicalinnovation from nanotechnology to advanced network architectures.

One of themajor milestones during the year 1980s was the merger between SamsungElectronics and Samsung Semiconductor which symbolizing the organizationentered new business and restructured old businesses. It vision is to aimbecoming one of the top five electronics companies. However, Byung-chull Leepassed away and his son Kun-hee Lee succeeded him as the new chairman in the1987. In the beginning of 1990s, SamsungElectronics was competing in a changing technological world. At that time,business started to flow across borders between countries and companies andtherefore, Samsung Electronics was pressured to rethink their technology andservices offerings. Thus, Samsung Electronics refocused their business strategyto respond better to the demand of the market in order to capitalize on theopportunities. Next, Samsung Electronicsbecame a global force in the mid of 1990s when seventeen different productsfrom semiconductors to computer monitors, TFT-LCD screens to color picturetubes were ranked top five products for market share globally in theirrespective areas and twelve others were ranked top in the market in theirrespective areas.

Being number one means that it is important for SamsungElectronics to fulfill its social responsibilities whether the cause is socialwelfare, environmental conservation, and culture events or sports. Its thenchairman Kun-hee Lee was selected as a member of International OlympicCommittee in July 1996 because Samsung Electronics actively participated insports marketing. Because of this, the company image as a key contributor toworld athletics was greatly enhanced. Moreover, Samsung Electronics was one ofthe few companies that continued growing although the 1997 financial crisisaffected nearly all-Korean businesses.

The leadership in digital and networktechnologies and its steady concentration of electronics, finances and otherrelated services served as the secret of success for Samsung Electronics infacing the 1997 financial crisis. From year 2000 onwards topresent, Samsung Electronics has been pioneering the digital age. SamsungElectronics is positioned as one of the world recognized leaders in digitaltechnology industry because the company sees challenges as the opportunities.The commitment of Samsung Electronics to be world number one has won number oneglobal market share for thirteen of Samsung Electronics’ products, whichinclude semiconductors, TFT-LCDs, monitors, and CDMA mobile phones. SamsungElectronics is making advances in research and development of semiconductorline, including flash memory and non-memory, custom semiconductors, DRAM, andSRMA, best in class LCDs, mobiles phones, digital appliances and more. SamsungMemory Semiconductors maintained their global number one for more than 20consecutive years and Samsung television is a global leader for more than 6consecutive years.

Samsung always believe that a product will never says, whatstay is the brand ‘Samsung’. Samsung is one of the top 10 global brands andranked 7 out of 10 for year 2014. It is the flagship affiliate of the Samsungbusiness group and is ranked the 7th World’s Most Valuable Brands inInterbrand 2016 (Patel, 2017).  In year2015, Samsung has achieved few milestones such as partnership with IKEA whichto co-develop furniture that allowing Qi inductive charging at the Mobile WorldCongress, established a dedicated LFD business which is Samsung displaysolutions together with the SMART range of LED products. Furthermore, in year2016, Samsung Electronics announced acquiring cloud-computing company Joyent togrow its cloud-based services for its smartphones and Internet-connecteddevices. In the same year, Samsung Electronics also announced to buy Americanautomotive equipment manufacturer Harman which the acquisition was completed in2017 and reported that financials were up for the company in the quarters.

Samsung has also beginning to test a self-driving car technology after givenpermission from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea(Samsung, 2017). MNC like Samsung Electronics,its background is important where showing its history of growing from a smallcompany to an organization that is well known in the world. In order tomaintain a healthy grow company, there are philosophy, vision, core values,business area, leadership framework, and executive background in order to havea clear understanding to Samsung Electronics. Therefore, this can furtheranalysis the organization especially in the Human Resources department from theperspective of international relations. 


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