1.0   INTRODUCTIONOnline job portalproject is aimed at developing or building an online search Portal for jobs application  for job seekers. The system project is anonline web application which  can beaccessed anywhere only with proper login provided.

The system will be used asan Online Job Portal for job seekers. Job Seekers should be able to login and  upload their  Curriculum Vitae(CV). Companies andorganizations may also login  and  access or search any information uploaded byJob searchers.1.

1.BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYThequality of people hired for a specific job is usually the key issue whenmeasuring the effectiveness of the employment.However,in certain circumstancesthe speed of hiring is also an issue and also contribute to quality hiring.Thejob recruitment  or hiring employeesprocess in the past years  was based onadvertsisments in the newspapers and have a panel on the appointed day tointerview applicants.Thetraditional hiring of employees starts with the processing of applicationforms,describe the job for each position,verify application forms and lastlyevaluate the best person for the job.The whole process from advertsment tohiring  a quality applicant takes a lotof time, effort and also has more weaknesses.The advertisement itself is costlyespecially when done through print media(newspapers) therefore the publicationof the job adverts will only last for a very short time and in that case fewpeople will have seen the job vacancy.

Morever,submission of the applicationform require physical presence of the applicant to hand  it over and this could be inconvenience most applicants due to the fact that webelong to different geological locations in country.Thus, the traditional recruitmentprocess is not be the bestin today’scompetitive job market. The rationale of a hiring process is to stretch out to potential employees and bring out the specific kindof  required skills and experiences inthe field  organization.The question hereis how this could be made efficient and possible.

This question or  problem can be solved by an online job portalsystem which is set to transform the way in which companies  and other employers recruit their employees.Online job portal system is fundamental in removal of paper works andintroduction of workflow systems that connect job seekers and employers andalso stores data in reliable databases.At a very low cost, the Internet offersemployers and job searchers access to detailed and up-to-date information aboutjob searchers and job vacancies in different locations around the world”. Inthis case, companies can therefore commit themselves to equal opportunities asjob providers and can generate new and qualified employees.Kenya is adeveloping country and so is the change in technology.

Due to this change intechnology job recruitment must also change because the use of the internet isalso frequent then developing an online job portal will be of great impact tojob seekers and employers.The system will be reliable  because most Kenyans are ever using theinternet for browsing and entertainment.The online job portal will use theinternet to advertise and find best people for jobs.The system is to be used byemployers to improve efficiency in employment sector and it will provide jobscatalog and information to members or users and help them decide on which jobsto apply.            1.

2.PROBLEM STATEMENTInKenya employment has been made manual in the past many years upto this currentsituation where everything has totally changed due to technological changesThetraditional mode of employement  takes alot of steps from advertisement,application,verify application and conductinterviews therefore consuming a lot of time.In the current Kenya wheretechnology is also advancing most job recruitment process has abit changedthough some problems still occur.Most companies have developed websites wherethey advertise their jobs and still go back to traditional way whereapplication form is downloaded and filled then submitted to the company forfurther verification then be called afterwards for the job.The problems withthis current system include the following;1.Itis not easy for the job seeker to apply for a specific job he/she needs becausethe job description sometimes does not cover up everything.2.Itis expensive for the job seeker to submit the application form in person to thecompany.

3.Insome cases it might not be efficient because not everybody is conversant withcompany websites that exist therefore only few applicants can read the post andapply for the job.4.Paperworkstill exists as the application form is downloaded instead of being submittedonline.5.Theiris no chance of uploading Curriculum Vitae (CV) and also the members cannotupdate their profile.

Allthe above mentioned problems can be solved with the development of the webportal where job seekers can create their accounts,upload their CurriculumVitae (CV) ,apply jobs online,update their profile regularly and wait for areply.Moreover,the job seeker has a chance to apply the best job that suitshis/her  specific job skills.The jobportal will also help job seekers who don’t know various companies and otheremployers unlike in the current system where websites are used where few peopleare aware of the existing company.1.3. JUSTIFICATIONThe online job portal will allow jobseekers to apply for jobs at their comfort from any part of the world usinginternet connection.Loss of data will reduce due to an application databasethat will be provided.

Many people will be helped in job application due to userfriendliness of the portal.The portal will be a solution to many who were inneed of their dream jobs because they will search for it online and be able toapply online too.1.4  SCOPE OF THESTUDYIn this online portal, there is nopayment therefore free registration.

Banners for advertisement on this portalare not allowed.This system can run on windows and also can be accessed by useof mobile phones.It is supported in MYSQL database and data security isprovided.It is operated in English language.1.5 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES1.

5.1  AIMSTo come up with a more userfriendly, cheap, convenient and available job portal system in Kenya. This willmake the employment process easier .1.5.2  OBJECTIVESThe project objectives include thefollowing;ü  Todevelop a user friendly job portal application interface.ü  Todevelop an online search portal for job seekers.

ü  Tofacilitate the company to search for the best candidate available.ü  Tobuid a system that will act as a link connecting job portal application andother websites    CHAPTER2: LITERATURE REVIEW2.0.INTRODUCTIONThis chapter will focus on literaturereview and background of the study of the system.It helps to identify theproblems that exist in the existing systems and also it provides the bestapproach to achieve the objectives.It will deal with comparison between portaland existing system.

Online job portal system is a kind of e-recruitement systemthat allows users or the job seekers and companies to apply jobs and post jobsonline respectively. Online job portal is a web based recruitment system thatcan be defined as recruiting process which is conducted through web-basedtools, for instance, a firm’s corporate intranet or its public internet. Thisrecruitment process through the online job portal can also be termed ase-recruitment, internet recruitment or online recruitment (M Kerrin,2003).Visiting various websites and applying for jobs is much tiresome becausethey require a lot of extra effort. It takes a lot of time to know and learnabout a company, the requirements the company wants for a position and alsotheir qualifications. In most cases, the only way to look up for jobs isthrough websites or employee referrals. This idea motivated me to develop asystem where time and efforts are saved because the job post will tell the jobseeker where the company is located and may be learn more.

                                    2.1. OVERVIEW OF ONLINE JOB PORTALInternet has began tobecome a popular advantage to most organizations and companies. Many companieshave designed websites to be used to advertise their jobs. It came to myrealization that a portal can be far better to use in job advertisement thanwebsites because a portal can be a gateway to access website informationwhereas a website just displays online content.

A portal enhancesfunctionality and flexibility to cater for various classes of users.Manycompanies have realized the need to change employment or recruitment process inorder to cope up with the increasingly changing technology and the large number of job seekers.(Midiwo,2015).The internet thereforehas become a popular way to recruit people.The Human Resource InformationSystem(HRIS) is a system which has been used previously to manage employees.Theefficiency and effectiveness of the Human Resource Information System enablesstaff to format their profile,their strengths and weaknesses(Rawat,2010).

When such like a system is used it iseasy  to have the quality personel in theright place.It is clear that from a HRIS more advancements can be made so thatrecruitment process is done online and from their the user will continue updatinghis/her resumes online even after employment and companies be in a position todownload the resumes.A well developedweb-based portal is a top cost reducing strategy to be applied  or used by organizations because efficiencyis improved within the organization (Kemei,2016).With cloud computing, it iseasy to maintain data and applications using remote servers and the internet(Anitha and Aruna,2013).New technology iscurrently changing the way we carry out business everyday i.e,the way weisolate,recruit  and hire or employ thebest candidates/applicants.Traditionally it was all about paperresumes,newspaper advertisement, television or radio advertisement andtraditional sit-down interviews.2.

2.CURRENTTRENDS IN JOB RECRUITMENT                                    2.2.1.SOCIAL MEDIASocial media sites become most popularin 2014 and they have been currently in employing people.Social media sites facilitates the development of personalrelationships for hiring ,networking and employee referrals.

This sites  include Linked In, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc (KR Wanjiku,2015).Withmillions of people using social media sites, the large fragment  that is available for talent acquisition isso attractive for any known human resource department to pay no attention to(Pfieffelmann,2010). The supremacy of social media is a very prosperousinteractive waterway for personalizing and contextualizing the communication at individual level (Dutta D, 2014).Job seekers have are using the internetto make themselves a commodity on Amazon to make campaigns for their futurejobs.The known employers will then scoop the person up from Amazon because theydisplay what they can bring the application process.A story in (USA TODAY) says,somecompanies are now taking to the twitter sphere to find employees.They useTwesumes which refer to a condensed 140 character resume spread on twitter.Thecompanies use twitter to publicize their job vacancies and positions with linksto their sites and hashtags.

                                    2.2.2. CORPRATE WEBSITESCorporate web sites referto  an employer’s own website. Most ofthe organizations and companies  usewebsite to  reduce recruitment costs aswell as  improve the competence of therecruitment process (Pfieffelmann, 2010).Companies and other employmentagencies  use  the corporate websites to endorse theirproduct, their name and offer a better service to applicants.According to  (Parry and Tyson, 2008),its clear thatcorporate web sites cannot be used successfully to hire employees in campaniesthat are not known well except  that acompany implements other advertising channels like print media to direct peopleto their site. 2.

3.ADVANTAGESOF ONLINE RECRUITMENTCompanies in Kenya must realize theefficiency and competitive nature of the global economy with relation to onlinerecruitment.(Kumar,2012) argues that an organization that does not use anysystem consumes a lot of time to update and retrieve employee information.A webbased portal can be used easily in updating and retrieving employee data andinformation.It saves employers hours of goingthrough many applications and sorting them because only qualified applicants can apply for a specificjob.(Rietsema,2015).

Posting a job on the online portal costsnothing as compared to advertising on print media therefore online recruitment iscost effective.The process of recruitment becomesquick  simply because a job can be postedin the morning and by the end of the day applicants are found and interviewed.                        2.

4.LIMITATIONSOF ONLINE RECRUITMENTSome candidates and companies cannot beconfident with the security of an online application.Sometimes the online applicationoperates slowly and lose information during submission.

                        2.5.CONCLUSIONFrom the reviews above I came intoconclusion that an online job portal may be used to incorporate all thetechnologies and trends in recruitment process.There are also more challengesin developing online recruitment sites.             CHAPTER 3:METHODOLOGY                        3.0.SOFTWARE MODELSSystemdevelopment methodology is an organized way of solving a problem.

In softwaredevelopment ,there  are severalmethodologies also called software engineering models which are used in solvingproblems.They include;1.WATERFALLMODELThemodel that I will basically follow is the waterfall model. In the waterfallmodel the sequence of activities performed in a software development include;·Requirement Analysis·Project Planning·System design·Detail design·Coding·Unit testing·System integration & testingFollowing is a diagrammaticrepresentation of different phases of waterfall model.               I will choose to use waterfall model due to the followingbenefits;Advantages of waterfall model:§ It is easy to manage due to manage because each phase has specificdeliverables and a review process.§ Phases are processed and completed one at a time.The phases do notoverlap.

§ Works well for smaller projects where requirements are very wellunderstood.My project requirements are well understood.§ Simple and easy to understand and use. 2. RAPID PROTOTYPING Prototyping is a modelling technique used for providing areduced functionality  of a softwaresystem early in its stage. It consists four phases namely;1.

     Requirements Planning phase –It  combines elements ofthe system planning and systems analysis phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 2.     User design phase – In this phase, usersinteract with systems analysts and develop models and prototypes that representall system processes, inputs, and outputs.This phase is a continuousinteractive process which enables users to modify,understand, and eventually approve a working model of the systemthat meets their needs.3.     Construction phase –  This phase focuses on program and applicationdevelopment task. The  tasks includeprogramming and application development, coding, unit-integration and systemtesting.

4.     Cutover phase –  Cutover phase includes testing, changeover tothe new system, and user training.Prototyping model will beapplied in my online job portal development because it has very few phases ofdevelopment and also it is easy to meet user needs as they interact with thesystem.   3.1.TIME SCHEDULE   FROM TO November January February March   April May   TASK     10-20 21-30 2-30 01-29 01-05 1-30 01-08 SYSTEM PLANNING AND SELECTION 10/11/17 20/11/17               PROPOSAL WRITTING 21/11/17 30/11/17               SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 2/01/18 30/01/18               SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION 01/2/18 05/03/18                         DOCUMENTATION 01/2/18 30/04/18               DELIVERY 1/5/18 8/05/18                3.

2.BUDGET  NAME ESTIMATED COST  Android or windows phone Ksh.7,000 HP laptop Intel core2 Duo, 500 GB hard disk, 2 GB RAM Ksh.

40,000 Internet connectivity Ksh.2000 Total Ksh.49000  3.3.RESOURCES REQUIREDSoftwareWindows 8,7,10Applicationsoftware Laravel frameworkJavascriptMYSQL databaseXAMPPInternet browser :Mozilla firefox,internet explorer,google chromebootstrap Hardware  RequiredModem, 500MHZ  processor Pentium 1111GB RAM4 GB free hard disk spaceA laptop, On the client sideA  laptop running on windows connected to theinternetAmobile phone with internet connection Supported platformAndroidphone, ,windows OS phonePersonalcomputer running windows     REFERENCES   Anitha, J,& Aruna,M. “Adoption of Human Resource Information System in Oganisations.

” SDMIMD journal of managemnet, 2013. Dutta,D. “Tweet Your Tune-social media,the new Pied Piper in Talent Acquisition.The journal for Decision Makers.” 2014.

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“International journal of Human Resource.” 2015. Kumar, R. “Human Resource Management System:An innovative Strategy for Human Resource Management.” 2012. M Kerrin, P Kettley. Employment Studies.

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