0.25, sleep medications component ranged from 0.

28 and sleepquality component ranged from 0.57. PSQI has good construct validity whereworse sleep on the questionnaire was associated with greater sleepiness onEpsworth Sleepiness Scale (r = 0.13) (Spira et al., 2011) (Refer toappendix 3). 3.

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5 Research ProceduresEthical Application submitted to UniversitiTeknologi Mara. Permission to conduct the research at school will be appliedthrough Malaysia Ministry of Education and Kelantan State Education Department.The application letter and introductory letter will be emailed to the schoolauthorities and doing follow up by phone calls. Permission from Sekolah Kebangsaan KubangKerian 1 and Sekolah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 2 will be applied by a letter andfollow up by a phone call to set a meeting with the respondents who arevoluntarily involve in this research to explain about the project that will beconducted, ethics and the way how data need to be looked after. Researcher alsoexplains about the questionnaires and gets consent from the respondents.

Oncethe respondents have signed the consent form, the questionnaires will bedistributed among the teachers. The respondents need to gather so that thequestionnaire can be passed easily. Once they finish answering thequestionnaires, one respondent will collect all the questionnaires and give itto the researcher on the same day.

Primary school teachers who are agreed to beparticipants in the study will need to fill up the consent form, demographicdata form, Modified Interest Checklist questionnaire (68 items) and PittsburghSleep Quality Index (PSQI) questionnaire (9 items). The consent form is astandard form from the UiTM while socio demographic form contain respondents’personal information such as age, date of birth, caregiving responsibilities,educational level, number of children, health status, gender, race, work loads,marital status and administrative duties in employment. The survey will beanswered by participants through online and the durations to complete thesurvey will take about 20 minutes.     3.6 Data analysisA.

   Data Measurement The data will beanalyses using SPSS program. Thedescriptive analysis of the demographic information will be analysed by usingmean (SD) or median (IQR) depends on the distribution of the data collection.The inferential analysis which is types of hypothesis testing is depends on thedistribution data and types of data obtained. The normality of the data will bemeasured by using histogram.

To determine whether there are any statisticallysignificant differences between the means of the three or more independentgroups (Kim, 2014), parametric testing which is one way ANOVA will be used toaccept or reject the hypothesis between two variables (leisure activities andinterest) only if the data is normally distributed. Interests are measured as acategorical variable (ordinal) which are ‘Strong’, ‘Some’, and ‘No’ whileleisure activities are measured in categorical variables (nominal) which arephysical leisure activities, cognitive leisure activities and social leisureactivities. If the data is not normally distributed, non-parametric testing whichis Kruskal-Wallis H test will be used. To determine a significant relationshipor association between socio demographic data with leisure engagement andbetween leisure engagements with sleep quality, chi square test will be usedwhere it is a statistical test that measures the association between twocategorical variables (Singhal & Rana, 2015).   


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