•Mathematics- math skillsare essential to overcome problems and become a successful hardwareengineer.•Software knowledge-  Within this workforce the majority of the workyou produce is performed by software, as you are required to  design programs,write codes and test them for any problems. •Hardware knowledge- Being aware of how a computer is built making yourjob easier as a hardware engineer•Programming Languages-  An essentialskill to conquer when producing computer programs, as you have to be efficientwhen using python to createcodes. •Management- Advancing and achieving a higherposition is a purpose most people desire,whether its in engineering or other fields, so it’s a drive for us to achieve better, therefore youbeing able to manage a group of engineers is essential, otherwise you willstay in the same position.

•Problem Solving-  Computerhardware engineers need to have the ability to develop and find solutionsto any given problems. In addition coding is a skill thatneeds to be mastered. It’s essential, as nothing can be a maybe when doingthis but a 100%, as any small mistake can ruin everything. When necessary and aproblem takes place a person with good problem solving skills is needed toidentify these mistake and correct them. Therefore accuracy isvital  when focusingon the small details as it can makea big difference.

•Education- Hardwareengineering requires a bachelor’s degree in computer or engineering.•Analytical skills- Computerhardware engineers require this as it helps them solve problems andanalyse equipment to determine the mostsuitable solution to improve them. •Creativity- Computerhardware engineers design new types of IT devices and areconsistently designing, building and testing new hardware systems and producingblueprints of computer equipment using AutoCAD. Additionally, their role in solvingtechnical problems requires ‘thinking out of the box’, as you will need toapply your creative thoughts to solve any given problem. •Critical thinking- Engineers usetheir reasoning to examine assumptions, and identify strengths and weaknessesof solutions to problems.•Communication- Hardwareengineering jobs require team work therefore team skills is necessary as beingpart of a team means you will need to interact with other, to be able toprogress as a team.

•Soft skills- Having goodsoft kills benefits you as you are able todevelop good work etic, confidence etc… This will be a useful skill to grasp to succeed


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