• Share on Facebook• Share on Twitter• Share on PinterestThey say that lazy people are a driving force of progress: they invent inventions that make our lives less than an effort. This must be at least partially true, so we would like to sincerely thank all of you, Lazybones, for making our experience easier.We have decided to immerse ourselves in the latest in-home inventions and select those we consider really important.11. Food Nitrate TesterAs the old saying goes, “We are what we eat”. This is still true today, especially now that manufacturers are adding many toxic substances to the food to make it look fresh. However, you can not save for your health, and this tester will help you discover what you are going to eat.10. Wine thermometerYou know that wine must be served at a certain temperature. For white wine it is 8-10 ° C (46-50 ° F); for red wine it is 12-17 ° C (53-63 ° F). Two questions arise: Why is this practical device missing in the usual shops? And why wine lovers have not yet pushed for their interests?9. Foam generator for beer containersFor many people, the most delicious thing about beer is the soft foam that comes on top of the drink. With this mug you have as much foam as you want or more.8. Empty the hair cleanerMen of the world, unite! We are especially interested in those who need to clean the bathroom. Surely you are angry about the long hair of women who penetrate every corner of your home and hinder everything that stands in your way. This wonderful cleaner will help you solve this problem and make you a little happier.7. Face shave apronSometimes men come and pull the wool over our eyes and the whole bathroom. This can also be managed with this ingenious layer. We promise you will like it.6th folding chairThis incredibly lightweight folding furniture is simply an essential piece in any department, especially in the small room where a ruthless war grows on every square inch of space. It can be a bench, a stool or a coffee table. We tend to think that it is a kind of magic!5. Shower cap for childrenThis Superman 100% guarantees that the shampoo will not get into the eyes of your child, making bathing and showering a much more enjoyable experience for both.4. Foot altimeterOh, the pleasure of measuring your child’s foot with a ruler or sketching it on a sheet of paper! Of course you can ignore this item and have a good time. Or you can solve this question forever with this counter.3. Selfie stick for dogsIf you have a dog and your dream is to become a big dog blogger, you will definitely need this unusual selfiestick. Even if you only want normal dog pictures, you still need them. Solution: Buy it now.2. Back seat cover of the petTired of the hair and saliva of your beloved pet in the backseat? Are you tired of cleaning the car without stopping every time you need to take your dog or cat somewhere? It’s time for you to buy this waterproof rear seat.1. pelvic muscle trainerThis compact and easy-to-use device helps you to contract the muscles of the thighs, buttocks or even the arms. Made of polypropylene coated steel, it is very adjustable and suitable for men and women.Amazon.com Photo Credit Preview


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