·      The ?t?r cl???ific?ti?n? ?f the h?tel? ?re ? functi?n ?f the ?ervice?pr?vided by them.

But, the pre?ent ?t?r c?teg?ry cl???ific?ti?n n?rm? in indi?h?ve been ?? h?ph?z?rd th?t h?tel? cl?im t? be ?ix-?t?r ?r ?even-?t?r, when thegl?b?l n?rm cl???ifie? h?tel? ?? ?ne ?t?r ?t the l?wer end ?nd five-?t?r deluxe?t the luxury end. ·      The re???n f?r difference? between the gl?b?l ?nd the indi?nn?rm? i? in the ?t?nd?rd ?f ?ervice? being ?ffered by the h?tel? in indi?. ?? ?eenin the p??t few ye?r?, m??t ?f the luxury ch?in? h?ve ?t?rted ren?v?ting theirpr?perty, ?? ?l?? upgr?ding exi?ting ?ervice? t? m?tch the new benchm?rk? (?ervice??ffered by intern?ti?n?l entr?nt? ?uch ?? R?di???n, Hy?tt ?nd interc?ntinent?l).·      With the entry ?f the f?reign h?tel?, the?e n?rm? in indi? w?uldh?ve t? be re?et t? reflect the new ?ervice? ?ffered by f?reign ch?in?, which f?ll?w? ?t?nd?rd ?et ?f ?ervice ?ffering? ?cr??? it? pr?perty. But ?t the ??me timethe h?tel? need t? upgr?de their ?ervice? with ch?nging ?cen?ri?.

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B??ed ?n thi?,f?ll?wing ?re the cl???ific?ti?n?- §  ?ne-?t?r H?tel?: H?tel?in thi? cl???ific?ti?n ?re likely t? be ?m?ll ?nd independently ?wned, with ? f?mily?tm??phere. ?ervice? m?y be pr?vided by the ?wner ?nd f?mily ?n ?n inf?rm?l b??i?.There m?y be ? limited r?nge ?f f?cilitie? ?nd me?l? m?y be f?irly ?imple.Lunch, f?r ex?mple, m?y n?t be ?erved. ??me bedr??m? m?y n?t h?ve ?n en ?uite b?th/?h?werr??m?. M?inten?nce, cle?nline?? ?nd c?mf?rt ?h?uld, h?wever, ?lw?y? be ?f ?n ?ccept?ble?t?nd?rd.§  Tw?-?t?r H?tel?: in thi? cl???ific?ti?n h?tel?will typic?lly be ?m?ll t? medium ?ized ?nd ?ffer m?re exten?ive f?cilitie? th?n?t the ?ne-?t?r level. ??me bu?ine?? h?tel? c?me int? the tw?-?t?r cl???ific?ti?n?nd gue?t? c?n expect c?mf?rt?ble, well equipped, ?vernight ?cc?mm?d?ti?n, u?u?llywith ?n en-?uite b?th/?h?wer r??m.

Recepti?n ?nd ?ther ?t?ff will ?im f?r ? m?repr?fe??i?n?l pre?ent?ti?n th?t ?t the ?ne-?t?r level, ?nd ?ffer ? wider r?nge ?f?tr?ightf?rw?rd ?ervice?, including f??d ?nd drink.§  Three-?t?r H?tel?: ?t thi? level, h?tel? ?reu?u?lly ?f ? ?ize t? ?upp?rt higher ?t?ffing level?, ?nd ? ?ignific?ntly gre?terqu?lity ?nd r?nge ?f f?cilitie? th?n ?t the l?wer ?t?r cl???ific?ti?n?. Recepti?n?nd the ?ther public r??m? will be m?re ?p?ci?u? ?nd the re?t?ur?nt will n?rm?lly?l?? c?ter t? n?n-re?ident?. ?ll bedr??m? will h?ve ?n en ?uite b?th ?nd ?h?werr??m? ?nd ?ffer ? g??d ?t?nd?rd ?f c?mf?rt ?nd equipment, ?uch ?? ? h?ir dryer,direct di?l teleph?ne ?nd t?iletrie? in the b?thr??m. Be?ide? r??m ?ervice, ??mepr?vi?i?n? f?r bu?ine?? tr?veller? c?n be expected.§  F?ur-?t?r H?tel?: Expect?ti?n? ?t thi?level include ? degree ?f luxury ?? well ?? qu?lity in the furni?hing?, dec?r ?ndequipment, in every ?re? ?f the h?tel.

Bedr??m? will ?l?? u?u?lly ?ffer m?re ?p?ceth?n ?t the l?wer ?t?r level?, ?nd well de?igned, c??rdin?ted furni?hing? ?nddec?r. The en-?uite b?thr??m? will h?ve b?th b?th ?nd fixed ?h?wer. There willbe ? high en?ugh r?ti? ?f ?t?ff t? gue?t? t? pr?vide ?ervice? like p?rter?ge,24-h?ur r??m ?ervice, l?undry ?nd dry-cle?ning. The re?t?ur?nt will dem?n?tr?te? ?eri?u? ?ppr??ch t? it? cui?ine.

§  Five-?t?r H?tel?: Here y?u ?h?uld find ?p?ci?u??nd luxuri?u? ?cc?mm?d?ti?n thr?ugh?ut the h?tel, m?tching the be?t intern?ti?n?l?t?nd?rd?. interi?r de?ign ?h?uld impre?? with it? qu?lity ?nd ?ttenti?n t? det?il,c?mf?rt ?nd eleg?nce. Furni?hing? ?h?uld be imm?cul?te. ?ervice? ?h?uld be f?rm?l,well ?upervi?ed ?nd fl?wle?? in ?ttenti?n t? gue?t?’ need?, with?ut being intru?ive.The re?t?ur?nt will dem?n?tr?te ? high level ?f technic?l ?kill, F pr?ducti?nt? the highe?t intern?ti?n?l ?t?nd?rd?. ?t?ff will be kn?wledge?ble, helpful,well ver?ed in ?ll ??pect? ?f cu?t?mer c?re ?nd c?mbining efficiency with c?urte?y.


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