·        Every year Africa witnesses millions ofpeople getting infected with various deadly and infectious diseases likemalaria, tuberculosis and HIV, and most of these infected people, especiallythe children, ultimately succumb to these ailments and die.·         Oneof the primary reasons for these deaths and high mortality rate in Africa isthe healthcare crisis in the continent where the poor can’t get access toadequate healthcare.·        The inefficient healthcare system inAfrica has led to shortage of good healthcare professionals in the region andpoor delivery of healthcare.

·        The healthcare crisis faced by theAfricans is a pressing issue because it is impacting the lives of millions ofAfricans who are succumbing to diseases, which are otherwise preventable andcurable, due to lack of resources and adequate care.·        Most of the people in many countries of Africalive in rural areas, however, a high percentage of health professionals live inurban cities. ·        For example, in Malawi, a small sub-SaharanAfrican country, eighty percent of the population lives in rural areas with 74%living below the poverty line and most of these are extremely poor. In thiscountry, more than 90 percent of doctors live in urban areas which lead to pooraccess to healthcare. Apart from that, the cost of healthcare is very high andunaffordable for the poor rural population. This is the cause of high mortalityrate among the rural children in Malawi.·        The living conditions in Africa areextremely terrible and the disease spread very quickly due to this.

Most ofthese diseases are preventable, however, with no access to clean water andclean surroundings, the communicable diseases are becoming an epidemic.·        The healthcare infrastructure isinadequate and most of the hospitals have high burden of patients than they canhandle, with many regions having only one hospital for huge number ofpopulation.·        Minor but sensitive issue like maternityis also not attended to properly leading to high rate of maternity and infantmortality.

·        Corruption in the region has escalatedthe problem with limited or insufficient access to drugs in most of thehospitals. This means that even when the diagnosis is done, patients have tolook for pharmacies that provide the drugs as there is lack of preventivedrugs.


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