·      Dashboard design werethe discussed according to Few’s concept which was visual display of importantinformation on a single screen and it shows all the information that is neededto be seen.

·      All the DWS lecturesclarified all parts of the BI system from feasibility report to IS systemdevelopment approach to infrastructure in which all the technical andnon-technical infrastructure of BI systems. ·      Last but not the leastwas Meta Data we discussed what type of meta data is to be required and if weneed the data on one place or scattered.·      Dashboard design arethe visual display of important information on one screen. We discussed itaccording to Few’s concept, and what type of dashboards are required for the BIsystems and how they are important in the BI systems.

·      Infrastructure conceptsin which we discussed about technical and non-technical infrastructure of theBI systems.·      IS/BI systemdevelopment approaches-ETL Tools·      Feasibility reportwhich gives you view of what must be done before starting any project.·      From first DWS lectureto the last lecture we went through different steps which are used to make abest BI system which are as follows ·      Through DWS class andlab session we understood what things are important for a BI system to beintroduced and what things we should see and then decide on what we can do fora business.APPENDIX 1  ·       Hospitals store all the data of the patients into the datawarehouse.

It contains all the data of the patients, where they visited thehospital, which hospitals they visited and stayed when they were sick. All thedata regarding the patients are stored into the data warehouse of the hospitalswhich is accessed from anywhere in the country or world. For the patient to beused.

·       Sometime when going through a check within in the hospitalsand check on the progress of the hospitals and to see the satisfaction of thepatient’s surveys are conducted within the patients to check with the if thepatient is satisfied with the hospitals management and the doctors as well.Dashboard design are made for the progress report of the hospital as well tosee the progress of the patients on one screen and all the importantinformation is shown on the dashboard design. It helps the hospital managementto see what the progress are within the hospital as well as the patient. ·       Management of the patient’s doctors and the hospitals isplanned as to when a patient can see a doctor and what time is it available forthe patients to see the doctor and which is entirely based on the management ofthe hospitals which has to keep in check when the patients and doctors areavailable to see and when the data is updated on time for the patients and thedoctor to see. And so that a doctor can decide for the benefit of patient’shealth.·       During the hospital we need to see if the infrastructure ofthe BI system is working, it can be technical or non-technical based. In thehospital technical based BI system is what the information is being stored intothe data base through different networks that can be any websites which arebeing given to the patients to input their data into the system the data ismostly stored in the DBMS. Later data of the patients keep on updated by thedata bases by the hospital, doctor or the patients about what progress is beingmade into their reports or information.

  ·       In the hospital BI systems ETL tools are being used theyare mostly used to extract the data form different data base or data warehouseof medical records and is transformed into the exciting hospital data base andload for the patient and doctors to easily access them from the hospital database. ·       For that a core team is formed that helps hospital to storeinformation of the patients into the data base of the hospital which is lateraccessed by the patients for them as well for the doctor to see if they need tomake changes and let the patients know what their status is at that moment.Basic demands for the patients is to view their data andall the medical records which are needed and are easily accessed. In a BIsystem of the hospitals patients need to look after their medical records whichthe system can give them.·       Task also showed us that what a person needs to do tofulfil the clients demands ·       For the royal children hospital, a feasibility report hasbeen formed in which what are the things that are supposed to checked before ahospital business intelligence system should be based on for example the cost,requirements, data regarding patients their diseases, clinical reports,clinical research, clinical data management of patients record and appointments.Was taken under consideration.ASSESSMENT 2


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