§  ThreeWelc?me Gr?up H?tels were c?mmissi?ned between 1975 and 1977; these were n?n-franchisedh?tels, inspired by the sl?gan “Be indian, Buy indian” and using indianexpertise. Ultimately, h?wever, these h?tels ad?pted the Sherat?n system in1978 and used the services ?f expatriates f?r the purp?ses ?f upgrading stafftraining and installing Sherat?n ?perating systems-all with?ut a management c?ntract.This gave the Welc?me Gr?up a g??d start.

§  Whenindia agreed t? h?st the 1982 Asian Games, the G?i granted licenses f?r buildingh?tels t? the Taj Palace, Asian H?tels Hyatt Regency, india T?urism Devel?pmentC?rp?rati?n – L?dhi H?tel, Samrat H?tel, Kanishka, Le Meridien, and Surya S?fitel,with the stipulati?n that their new h?tels had t? be c?mpleted in time f?r thegames. india h?sted the C?mm?nwealth Games in 2010, at Delhi. it was india’s m?stsuccessful C?mm?nwealth Games t? date with indian athletes winning 38 g?ld, 27silver and 36 br?nze medals. This als? added t? gr?wth ?f h?tel industry in india.

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§  T?day,theh?tel industry c?ntinues a run ?f str?ng perf?rmance and is pr?jected t? sustainstr?ng 5–6 percent gr?wth thr?ugh?ut 2018.5 S?me analysts are c?ncerned asthis industry is usually cyclic, but ?ptimists seem t? ?utnumber pessimists.Thr?ugh?ut the year, h?teliers will be l??king f?r an ?pp?rtunity in strategicplaces, including a revisit ?f the midscale experience, traveler-facing tech,health and wellness, and l?yalty.

§  Revenuegr?wth is expected t? impr?ve in FY2018 t? 10-12% aided by str?nger d?mesticdemand.  IMP?RTANT H?TEL GR?UPS IN INDIA- indian H?tel industry has been b??ming business and has als?given a b?ast t? t?urism business in the c?untry. Radis?n H?tels india, Taj Gr?up?f H?tels, Park Gr?up ?f H?tels and iTC H?tels are s?me ?f the kn?wn h?tels inthe h?tel industry that are fam?us f?r unique amenities and superb acc?mm?dati?narrangements. There are als? the iTC Maurya Delhi, iTC Maratha Mumbai, and F?rtRadis?n ?f Radis?n Gr?up in K?lkata, Radis?n Jass H?tel Shimla, The TajWestend, Bangal?re, Taj C?r?mandel, Chennai. The maj?r cities like Bangal?re,Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurga?n, Pune and the suburbs ?f Mumbai are the areas m?stattractive f?r the internati?nal investment and as expected these are the citieswith the largest devel?pment pipelines.

C?mbined these cities acc?unt f?r 89 ?fthe 161 pr?jects in the pipeline and 16,734 guestr??ms, which  is 68% ?f the r??ms in india’s t?tal pipeline.


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