§     Madhya Pradesh has around 4,954 km of railwaylines & the state is connected to different states of the country throughmore than 425 trains which travel on daily basis.

§     US$ 926 million has been allocated forconstruction of roads and bridges in the state budget 2017-18. §     The railway network in Madhya Pradesh primarilyfalls under the West-Central Railways, which was formed in 2002 and isheadquartered in Jabalpur. Part of the state is also covered by Central &Western Railways.

§     Being centrally located, the railway network inthe state assumes great significance. Madhya Pradesh’s capital, Bhopal is oneof the foremost railway junctions in the country, as 220 trains travel throughthe capital alone. §     Mineral & agro-based industries in MadhyaPradesh are highly dependent on the railway network of the state. It supportsthese industries by transporting bauxite, limestone, dolomite, clinker,fertilizer & de-oiled cake. §     As per annual budget 2016-17, construction workon phase-I of 28 km long Bhopal metro rail & 31 km long Indore metro railwas initiated in 2015-16 & is expected to be completed by 2018-19. Forthese projects, a total loan of US$ 458.

30 million & US$ 1.83 billion wouldbe provided by the central government as well as Japan InternationalCorporation Agency respectively. It awaits clearance from the Union government.§     In June 2017, Bhopal’s railway station Habibganjbecame the country’s first railway station to be redeveloped into an attractivecommercial hub with hotels, offices & shops under a public-privatepartnership within the next three years. The project for maintenance has been given to Bansal Group for 8 years. §     Moreover, during 2016-17, the state governmentallocated US$ 69.

04 million for construction work on phase-I of the 28 km-longBhopal metro rail & 31 km-long Indore metro rail. §     In December 2016, Madhya Pradesh Cabinetapproved the detailed project reports (DPRs) of the Metro rail projects forBhopal & Indore, costing US$2.12 billion


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